Camden County landslide continues to move as officials weigh options

Joyce Miller
Camden County landslide.

Nearly a week after being reported, the landslide on Ozarks Isles Rd. continues to move and slowly increase in size as county officials wait to hear what the most viable solution will be to fix the problem. 

The landslide shut down the only public roadway onto the peninsula. Residents are using Summit Ridge, a private road to get to and from their homes. 

The landslide was reported last week by a resident when the roadway collapsed and slid down an embankment, into a ravine and Lake of the Ozarks. Ozark Isles Rd is located off Lake Rd 54-82, west of Camdenton. 

The county estimates there are about 75-100 homes served by Ozarks Isles Road. Brush, chunks of pavement and trees had slid down the embankment. As the mud and debris settled, it exposed a ruptured sewer line. The sewer line has been stabilized and, based on the most recent inspections, a nearby wastewater treatment did not sustain any damage. 

Camden County Road and Bridge Administrator Patrick Wolf said the county is hoping to have repair options to look at next week.

The next step once they have been given the go-ahead to dig is to obtain soil samples. Wolf said the company that will be doing the core drilling to get soil samples expects to be able to do that on Thursday of this week. Once the report comes back from the soil samples, engineers will be able to give the county viable repair options.