Three DWI arrests, one drug possession arrest made at Camden County sobriety checkpoint

Press Release
Camden County Sheriff's Office
Police lights

The Camden County Sheriff's Office has released the following statement on the results of a recently conducted sobriety checkpoint:

During the evening hours of May 22nd, the Camden County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and the Impaired Driving Detection Unit, conducted a sobriety checkpoint at the intersection of Bittersweet Road and Horseshoe Bend Parkway. The checkpoint resulted in 437 cars traveling through the checkpoint.

As a result, three arrests were made for driving while intoxicated and one arrest for felony drug possession. Citations were also issued for driving while suspended and possession of a controlled substance. This intersection was selected as a result of the number of DWI-related arrests in the general area. The operation was conducted to attempt to reduce the number of DWI-related offenses in this area.

"We would like to congratulate the ten new checkpoint supervisors on their completion of coursework hosted by the Camden County Prosecutors office. This class was conducted by the Missouri Safety Center and their excellent instructors whose years of experience continue to play a vital role in the reduction of DWI offenses throughout the state of Missouri," said Sheriff Tony Helms.

The Camden County Sheriff's Office is charged with maintaining order in the area as well as ensuring citizens' rights are not infringed upon. It is a difficult decision to use these checkpoints although their design minimizes intrusiveness. According to the release, studies have shown they are successful in reducing DWI offenses by 18% to 24%. While these percentages may seem little, they mean a lot to those who have lost loved ones to DWI-related offenders. This was not an attempt to “increase our revenue” or “write everyone tickets.” We are attempting to make your roadways safer to travel. Our request is to please drink responsibly and utilize some of the many ride services we have in the area. If you operate a motor vehicle intoxicated you will be arrested.

"I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to the general motoring public who traveled through the checkpoint and those who have shown their appreciation for our continued efforts to make Camden County a safe place to live and vacation. Your support does not go unrecognized. I would also like to show our appreciation for the assistance from the many agencies and entities including Lake Ozark PD, Camdenton PD, and Crocker PD, who helped with this operation. I would like to specifically recognize Caleb Cunningham and his office for their continued support and cooperation with my office," said Helms.