Landslide damages Camden County road near Ozark Isles

Lake Sun Staff
Camden County landslide.

Camden County officials are still trying to identify what caused a large portion of Ozarks Isles Road off Lake Road 54-82 to collapse and slide down an embankment toward Lake of the Ozarks.

The landslide was reported early Wednesday morning by a resident. Camden County Road and Bridge responded to the area and she down the roadway. For the time being, residents can use a private road to get to and from their homes on the peninsula. 

The county estimates there are about 75-100 homes served by Ozarks Isles Road. Brush, chunks of pavement and trees had slid down the embankment. As the mud and debris settled, it exposed a ruptured sewer line. 

According to information provided by the county, Ameren, the Missouri Department of natural Resources and the company that manages the wastewater system in the area were notified. 

An engineer was inspecting the area late Wednesday afternoon to determine the cause and possible solutions. 

Camden County Associate Commissioner Don Williams said there’s no quick or easy fixes. The county will get the road reopened as soon as it is safe to do so.