Lake Student Art Quest and Student Photo Quest Winners Announced

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After a year off in recognition of COVID concerns, the 2021 Student Art and Photo Quest concluded on Sunday, April 25, with many awards given for the most promising work. Aleah Lemke, a 7th grader from School of the Osage, and student of Whitney Carnahan, won the “Best of Show” award. The “President’s Award” went to Rebekah Otto, an 11th grader, also from School of the Osage, a student of Danielle  Greubel. The Best of Division 3 winner was Grace Vogeler, a 7th grader from School of the Osage, a student of Whitney Carnahan. Because there was no show last year, both Aleah and Grace will receive 3-year scholarship/mentorship awards from the Lake Ozark Brush and Palette Club. Lydia Porter, Visual Arts Chairperson of the Lake Arts Council, and her team of volunteers organized, set up, and ran the show. Mary Andeline, local artist and teacher, Robert Bair, Lake Arts Council president, and Morgan Moffitt, also of the Lake Arts Council, served as judges. Lake Arts volunteers, led by Council director Paulette Horr, and contributors provided the refreshments for the reception following the awards presentation.

Kohl's Cares Volunteers (Left to right}: Heather Archer, Rachel Reynolds, Tammy Miller, Tabby Walker, and Jackie Bartholemew.

The show was sponsored in part by the Missouri Arts Council, the Lake Arts Council, and Kohl’s Care charitable division of Kohl’s, Inc. Members of the Kohl’s Care team were instrumental in the set up of the show. The Kohl’s volunteer program fosters a culture of giving in all its locations and encourages associates to contribute their time and talent to local eligible nonprofit organizations. With every qualifying event, Kohl’s provides a financial award to the benefiting organization in support of these volunteer efforts.

The winners are listed below with their teachers’ names in parentheses:

Aleah Lemke - Best of Show

Drawing and Painting

Kindergarten—3rd grade

Kera  Binsbader, Dogwood Elementary (Cramer), Best of Division; Giana Alexander, Dogwood Elementary (Cramer), First Place; Kendyl Dampier, Heritage (Davis), Second Place; Thalia Crosthwait, Heritage (Davis), Third Place; Ruby Landis, Heritage (Davis), Honorable Mention; Sierra Shen, Heritage (Davis), Honorable Mention; Lillian Bruce, Heritage (Davis), Honorable Mention; and Cayson Minaj, Heritage (Davis), Honorable Mention.

4th Grade—6th Grade 

Stella Duncan, Tuscumbia (Smith), Best of Division; Kaidance Hunsperger, Osage Middle School,  (Carnahan), First Place; Kiara Sensenig, Versailles (Pawling), Second Place; Addie Glover, Osage Middle School (Carnahan), Third Place; Gage Gournear, Osage Middle School (Carnahan), Honorable Mention; Brooklyn Dampier, Hawthorn (Schmidt), Honorable Mention; and Kailyn Jackson, Versailles (Pawling), Honorable Mention.

7th Grade—9th Grade

Grace Vogeler, Osage MS (Carnahan), Best of Division; Makayla Sensenig, Versailles (Avey), First Place; Ava Newsome, Crocker (Kern), Second Place; Teagan Hertig, Versailles (Avey), Third Place; Gratian Adams, Osage HS (Greubel), Honorable Mention; Katie Miller, Versailles (Pawling), Honorable Mention; Maddie Weaver, Versailles (Avey), Honorable Mention; and Tessa Cortes, Osage (Guerbel), Honorable Mention.

10th Grade—12th Grade

Belle Simpson, Camdenton (Bruck), Best of Division; Ella Smith, Camdenton (Bruck), First Place; Ella Durran, Eldon (Stephenson), Second Place; Sabrina Novales, Camdenton (Gibson), Third Place; Gabriel Dobbs, Eldon (Stephenson), Honorable Mention; Julien Basham, Tuscumbia (Smith), Honorable Mention; Dakota Lafata, Osage HS (Greubel), Honorable Mention; and Paige Davis, Osage HS (Greubel), Honorable Mention.


K—3rd Grade

Liliana Porter, Osage (Glendenning), Best of Division; Adriana Vitt-Vinson, Osage (Glendenning), First Place; Skylar Smith, Tuscumbia (Smith), Second Place; and Fisher Melton, Osage (Glendenning), Third Place.

Grades 7—9

Aiden Snodgrass, Tuscumbia (Smith), Best of Division; Riley Schultz, Crocker (Kern), First Place; Sarah Bland, Versailles (Pawling), Second Place; and Kailyn Jackson, Versailles (Pawling), Third Place.

 Grades 10—12

Safina Ernst, Camdenton (Bruck), Best of Division; Elizabeth Baumgartner, Camdenton (Bruck), First Place; Adde Smith, Camdenton (Bruck), Second Place; Ella DeMott, Camdenton (Gibson), Third Place; Isabelle Sears, Eldon (Stephenson), Honorable Mention; Alyssa Parrett, Crocker (Kern), Honorable Mention; Marah Surdyke, Camdenton (Bruck), Honorable Mention; and Ava Harrison, Crocker (Kern), Honorable Mention.



Maxine Russell, Crocker (Kern), First Place; Emma Glendenning, Osage (Greubel), Second Place; and Allieson Simpson, Osage (Greubel), Third Place; Logen Smith, Eldon (Henderson), Honorable Mention; and Mikaela Thomas, Eldon (Henderson), Honorable Mention.


Paige Davis, Osage (Greubel), First Place; Mikaela Thomas, Eldon (Henderson), Second Place; DaQwan Williams, Eldon (Henderson), Third Place; and Leann Wagner, Crocker (Kern), Honorable Mention.


Maxine Russell, Crocker (Kern), First Place; Leann Wagner, Crocker (Kern), Second Place; and Abigail McPherson, Crocker (Kern), Third Place.


Emma Glendenning, Osage (Greubel), First Place; Eric Cooper, Eldon (Henderson), Second Place; Allieson Simpson, Osage (Gruebel), Third Place; Travis Boals, Eldon (Henderson), Honorable Mention; and Ashur Peppers, Eldon (Henderson), Honorable Mention.


Ashur Peppers, Eldon (Henderson), First Place; Mikaela Thomas, Eldon (Henderson), Second Place; Amelia Goddard, Eldon (Henderson), Third Place; Samantha Parks, Eldon (Henderson), Honorable Mention; and Logen Smith, Eldon (Henderson), Honorable Mention.