Court hearing for man accused of Lukosius murder set for July

Joyce Miller

The man accused of the Dec. 15, 1984 murder of a young Camdenton woman, is scheduled to appear in court in July in his home state of Louisiana for an extradition hearing. 

Larry Gene Hicks, was arrested on a warrant from Camden County earlier this week, charging him with the murder of Diane Lukosius, whose brutally beaten body was found in a ditch on Lake Road 5-84. Bond was set at $100,000. 

According to authorities, Hicks has since posted bond and been released from custody. 

 Hicks was identified as a suspect in the case as far back as 1989.  Now, over 30 years later, he has made admissions in connection with the murder.

Hicks is currently a resident in the town of Franklin, Louisiana.

In 1984, Lukosius was only 30 years old and worked as a dental assistant in the area.  She was reportedly driving home from a holiday party in December when she was forced off a dark lake road and severely beaten. There were signs of a struggle in the gravel near the driver's side car door. She died as a result of her injuries two days later. 

Hicks was identified as a suspect from information stemming all the way back to the original crime scene. Hicks led a normal life in Louisiana over the last few decades.

In 1989, Terri Lea Gilliand, daughter of Cindi Hicks Mathis (Hick's wife), says she remembered Hicks coming home the night of the attack around 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. She said she remembered thinking he could be involved and that he became much more violent and drunk the days following that night.

Camden County detectives traveled to Hicks' home in Franklin, Louisiana to question Hicks. He admitted to having seen Lukosius at the bar with two male subjects the night she was beaten. 

Hicks lead detectives to his bedroom, where he grabbed a stashed note that he had written in 1990. The note suggested that he had received a call at this date, telling him to never return to Missouri or he would be arrested for murder. When asked why he kept this note for 31 years, he indicated that it was not important. He says that he did end up returning to Missouri twice since to deer hunt. 

When asked about the blood and scratches on his face that night, Hicks said he never had any scratches. However, when interviewed in 1990, Hicks had indicated that the scratches were a result of a car accident. 

The extradition hearing in July in Louisiana could set the steps in motion that will bring Hicks to Missouri to stand trial.