Camdenton R-III recognizes May’s Classified Employees of the Week

Camdenton R-III

The Classified Employee of the Week is chosen through staff submissions. CCEA members recognize classified employees (support staff) who have made a difference in their field. (Left to right)

Camdenton R-III recognizes May’s Classified Employees of the Week

Week 1

Jenelle Horton, Camdenton Middle School Secretary

Jenelle, the principal’s secretary, comes to mind as someone who works hard, manages tons of details and keeps the school flowing. She is kind and patient when interrupted with requests even while she is busy trying to get something done by a deadline.

Week 2

Dave Voss, Camdenton High School Custodian

Dave is a hard worker. He goes the extra mile and collects students’ left behind pens, pencils, chargers, water bottles, etc., and puts them on a desk in my room instead of just sweeping them up and throwing them away. Dave always takes time to ask how we are doing and wishes us a good day, no matter how busy he is. He cares so much about others AND takes pride in his job - that is rare in today’s world! Dave is an amazing asset to Camdenton High School.

Week 3

Gary Cuendet, Director of Transportation

I have worked with Gary for the last 16 years and witnessed firsthand the time and effort he puts into his job. He has always put the safety of the students first. Gary has developed the Transportation Department over the last 29+ years into a well-oiled machine.

Week 4

Rhonda Franken, Health Services Coordinator

This year has been a challenge for everyone, but through it all, Rhonda has tirelessly worked long hours to be the voice of health and safety. She has been the one to call for answers, guidance, and reassurance, when confusing circumstances fell upon us. Camdenton R-III School District is lucky to have her as the lead nurse and our amazing nursing team’s leader.