Lake of the Ozarks to attempt record for world's largest boat parade

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Tom Abbott shows the mock-up image of the parade route.

The lake area is invited to register for an attempt at breaking the record for the world's largest boat parade. Those interested should register soon, as the attempt will take place on June 12. 

The current record is held in Malaysia and sits at 1,180 boats. The goal is to bring this record home to the Lake of the Ozarks.

The idea was conceived to raise funds for a massive fireworks display at the lake to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the lake, as well as the 200th anniversary of the state of Missouri. This display will be held on August 10.

A Regatta permit has already been issued by the water patrol for the event. Event leaders stressed that this is not a race and not a contest. Safety of the vessels involved is a priority. To ensure this, the parade route will have a lineup of small boats and watercraft in the front, with larger vessels in the rear. 

MHQ-Mortgage Headquarters has sponsored to be the Grand Marshall and will lead the parade. The course of the parade will be staged around the 22 MM to the 24 MM. Boat staging areas will start around the 19MM. More information on staging for boat sizes will be available. Views of the parade will be available at most lakefront businesses between the 22 MM and 26 MM. 

An official map of the setup for the parade and parade route.

Registration for the event can be completed at

Registration for the parade includes one t-shirt for the captain of the boat. Additional shirts are available for separate purchase at $25 each.

Starting June 4-11, t-shirts and flags for the boat can be picked up at MHQ, 4824 Osage Beach Pkwy, Suite 1.

Event organizers stressed that this is not a political event. Any political flags may cause the attempt to be disqualified, so only provided parade flags will be accepted.