School of the Osage announces April leaders of the month

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School of the Osage

School of the Osage has announced their recipients for leader of the month in April. (Left to right, top to bottom)

School of the Osage announces their April leaders of the month.

6th grade

Jorga Maxwell

Jorga is the daughter of Stephanie Maxwell and Joseph Ramsey.  She loves to participate in cheer, softball, tennis and volleyball.  She is also in the 6th grade band and choir at OMS.  She loves the Harry Potter book series and enjoys having fun with her family.  Her favorite class at OMS is social studies.  Jorga has the strength of dependability and uses it daily to get her work done and turned in on time.  Jorga is a great classmate because she is kind and gets along with all sorts of people.

Tanner Willoughby

Tanner is the son of Taylor and Shara Willoughby.  He participates in basketball, baseball and football and sings in the OMS 6th grade choir.  He enjoys playing baseball and basketball with his brothers and neighbors.  His favorite class at OMS is math.    Tanner has the strength of confidence which shows as he approaches things at school and feels ready to achieve.  Tanner is seen as a positive person by his peers and rely on him to pump them up.

7th grade

Grace Maupin

Grace is the daughter of David and Monica Maupin.  She is involved in choir and band at OMS and dances at Releve Dance Academy.  In her free time she enjoys reading, dancing and playing board games with her family or just hanging out with her friends.  Band is her favorite class at OMS.  Grace uses her strength of dependability to help her achieve on a daily basis by asking questions and working hard to complete assignments.  Grace’s friends and teachers see her as a peer who is kind to others and tries to include those who might be lonely or just need someone to talk to.

Levi Hart

Levi is the son of Sally and Nathan Dains.  He is involved in football and track at OMS.  In his free time he enjoys playing Xbox.  His favorite class at OMS is P.E.  Levi has the strength of organizer and he tries to use it every day as he completes assignments and gets things turned in to his teachers.  Levi strives to be a good friend to those around him and a responsible and respectful student.

8th grade

Olivia Alberti

Olivia is the daughter of Cheryl Alberti.  She participates in choir, enjoys playing soccer, going fishing and being outside.  Her favorite class at OMS is Spanish.  Olivia uses her strength of caring as she goes through her days at OMS being kind to others and getting her assignments done.  Olivia strives to be a good classmate when working in groups or helping her peers with homework.

Noah Stephens

Noah is the son of Matt and Nichole Stephens.  He participates in football, basketball and track.  He also plays on a baseball team.  In his spare time he enjoys going to his grandparents, riding 4-wheelers and being outside.  His favorite class at OMS is weights and conditioning.  His strength of dependability serves him well because he works hard to get assignments done and to achieve in his activities.  Noah is a kind and caring peer who tries to help others if they are struggling or be a good friend to those around him. provided