Nurses’ Week: Lindsey Griffin sees nurses as the heart of the team

Rose Green-Flores
Lake Regional Health

Throughout National Nurses’ Week, May 6 to 12, Lake Regional Health System and the Lake Sun will celebrate the nursing profession with profiles of exceptional nurses working at the health system.


Lindsey Griffin, R.N.

Lindsey Griffin, R.N., considers herself lucky. She gets to work in the very place that ignited her interest in health care. At an early age, she experienced first-hand the positive impact that nurses have on patient care.

“When I was 14, I had an appendectomy at Lake Regional Hospital,” Griffin said. “I received phenomenal care during my stay, and ever since then, I wanted to be a nurse. Now I am an ICU nurse, and I've been part of the incredible team at Lake Regional since 2014.”

A Team Effort

Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted teams of employees in other industries, it has strengthened the bond between health care workers. Griffin is proud to be part of a cohesive team with a shared mission of improving lives.

“I value my coworkers and peers so much more since COVID-19,” Griffin said. “Without one another, we could not have gotten through the pandemic. It is our teamwork that makes us successful, and I couldn't be prouder of my colleagues.”

Griffin recognizes that her team extends beyond her colleagues in the ICU. 

“Observing patient progression is by far the most rewarding part of my job,” Griffin said. “It is a feeling like no other to help in the healing process of very sick patients and then know they are continuing to get amazing care throughout our health system. I love when I see my patients out walking around in other wings of the hospital, seeing how much they have improved and knowing I had a part in their care.”

That team mentality also has influenced the way Griffin interacts with her patients. Her goal is to always be an ally for her patients and their families, treating them as extensions of her own family.

“Since the pandemic, patient-and family-centered care have become even more important to me,” Griffin said. “With limited visitation or not being able to have visitors, we became the patient's family and emotional support. We also got creative in trying to involve a patient's family in their care as much as possible, for example, through video calls. Forming a collaborative partnership between patients, families and health care workers is what is ultimately best for the patient.”

Learning From Patients

In addition to teamwork, Griffin credits her desire to learn and empathize as valuable strengths in the nursing profession. 

“I love asking questions, learning new things and furthering my knowledge base,” Griffin said. “The ICU provides endless opportunities for education advancements and learning opportunities.

“I want to learn and grow as a nurse, and to do that, I need to listen carefully to my patients,” Griffin continued. “As nurses, we have the most interaction with patients, addressing their questions, concerns and needs ––we often become the voice for our patients. We relay this information to their providers and other members of their care team. This is how we keep patients safe and ensure quality care is provided.”

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