Here's the story behind the LOTO Lounge bartender denying a veteran's ID

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
A screen capture of the video of the incident.

On May 2, a now-viral video was filmed of a bartender at LOTO Lounge crumpling up the ID of a veteran and claiming it was a fake ID. That claim has since been disproven and LOTO Lounge has responded.

Osage Beach Police Lieutenant Michael O'Day confirmed that no arrests were made during the incident. The police were called out to the scene on May 2 and were made aware of the situation. He says they retrieved the ID and confirmed that it was valid. Both parties were calmed down and the group with the veteran, which O'Day believed to be around five to six people, left the bar. 

In the shared video, it is clearly seen that the bartender, now identified as Josh Weitkamp, was given an ID by a member of the military and proceeds to deny its validity. He claimed that someone wouldn't be able to "scrape the front off a military ID." The owner of the ID denied the claims, stating that it was a valid ID. 

The military members went on to explain that they were working at the lake for a military operation in the area. Weitkamp is heard denying the presence of any military operation in the lake area. 

In a now-deleted Facebook post, LOTO Lounge responded to the video by stating the following:

"We, at LOTO Lounge, deeply regret the events of May 2nd and want to stress that we have tremendous respect for military members and their service to our country. Josh Weitkamp is not a bartender at LOTO Lounge; he is a local musician who has personal ties to the venue. He is extremely remorseful for his actions and we are working to make amends with the military members involved. We will do our best to reach out privately to those individuals and to publicly convey our appreciation to all military members in the future."

A screenshot of the now-deleted LOTO Lounge response.

As of Monday, no charges had been filed by the Osage Beach Police who responded to the scene. 

WARNING: EXPLICIT: Here is a link to the video