Camden County residents gather in protest, demanding resignation of Commissioner Hasty, Williams

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader

Citizens of Camden County met Saturday in front of the courthouse to share their dissatisfaction with the current state of the county commission.

Event organizer and lake resident Neal Gist said that he felt the recent stream of "corruption" by the county was becoming too hard to ignore. This disapproval of the county stems from a number of recent decisions and actions made by commissioners, and more specifically Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty and Second District Commissioner Don Williams, who were prominently featured on the flyers handed out for the protest. These include the ruling made not to fire county maintenance employees who verbally threatened First District Commissioner James Gohagan, as well as the recent banning of multiple citizens from county property.

The event flyer specifically stated that the protest was aimed to "...demand the resignation of Greg Hasty and Don Williams for frequent unethical, illegal and unconstitutional abuse of power." 

"People are tired of it. We are ready to see some change," Gist said. 

A number of signs were held by residents attending the event that called for the previously mentioned banned citizens to be unbanned, as well as the call for resignation by both Hasty and Williams. Gist said that the protest wasn't held for any particular issue, but rather a "pattern of scandals." He says the gathering was held in order to face these scandals head-on. Gist said that the goal of the protest was to show that citizens don't agree with the behavior of the commission.

In a more long-term approach, Gist said that the goal was to spread awareness of what has been happening in the county. 

"It's gonna be up to us to seek justice at the voting booth," Gist said. 

The protest lasted for an hour outside of the courthouse. Dozens of residents were present.