Osage Beach to discuss hiring relatives of city workers to address worker shortage

Dan Field
Osage Beach City Hall.

The much-discussed worker shortage in the lake area has made its way to the City of Osage Beach.

The board of aldermen will be asked to waive a provision in the city code so the city can hire individuals who are relatives of members of the City Management Team for seasonal work. The board will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 15, at City Hall.

According to City Administrator Jeana Woods’ report to the board, the city has seasonal positions open and because there is a smaller pool of applicants this year, it has been requested by Human Resources to consider interested applicants who are relatives of current employees. Chapter 125.030.K.6. allows the city administrator to request that the board waive city nepotism rules if doing so is in the best interest of the City.

Woods says:

“To preserve and protect the anti-nepotism principles of unfair practices of favoritism and family ties but yet provide assistance in hiring seasonal employees, I am requesting a temporary waiver to allow me to approve hiring of seasonal employees for the city who are related to a current employee(s) as long as the hired seasonal employee is not under the direct supervision of the related current employee.”

The lack of interested employees has been a major discussion on social media as some businesses have closed or have changed hours of operation because they cannot find qualified help to meet their staffing needs.

Other business

•The board will also be asked to opt out of the state sales tax holiday.

•The board will hear an update from the Citizens’ Advisory Committee which met recently to discuss implementation of a Use Tax and Voluntary or Involuntary Annexation as potential sources of revenue.

For a complete look at the agenda, click on https://bit.ly/3uOCBUV.