MSHP Award Ceremony honors multiple lake area officers

Press Release
Trooper Aaron A. Lindley, Troop F

The Missouri State Highway Patrol streamed its awards ceremony on Facebook live on April 10. Among those awarded were multiple patrol members who have worked in the lake area. They include:

Trooper Aaron A. Lindley, Troop F

On July 3, 2020, a subject jumped into the Lake of the Ozarks near the Shady Gator’s Bar and began to struggle. Trooper Aaron A. Lindley and Corporal Dennis D. Mathes responded in a Patrol vessel to the location. Cpl. Mathes assisted a second man, who was in the water after attempting to assist the original subject. Tpr. Lindley threw a buoy to the original subject, who failed to grab it and could be heard gurgling. Tpr. Lindley entered the water, rescued the subject, and swam him back to the Patrol vessel. The man was combative, and had to be prevented from jumping back into the water. Tpr. Lindley maintained control of the subject while Cpl. Mathes drove to a nearby dock where an ambulance waited. The subject was found to be intoxicated. When the troopers spoke with him later, he did not recall any details of the event.

Corporal Jason A. Ashby, Q/DDCC

On July 25, 2020, Corporal Jason A. Ashby and four other people were on a boat traveling near the 18-mile marker of the Lake of the Ozarks. Another boat struck the boat in which Cpl. Ashby was a passenger causing him to lose consciousness for an unknown period of time. When he regained consciousness, he and the boat’s driver checked the other passengers. Cpl. Ashby called out to a resident instructing them to request ambulances and a helicopter for injured passengers. A female passenger was determined to be deceased, the boat’s operator checked on the male passenger, and Cpl. Ashby assessed the juvenile’s condition. When he could not get a pulse, he began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Cpl. Ashby asked the boat operator to move them to a nearby dock. He then removed the juvenile from the boat and continued CPR until he got a pulse. When emergency medical services personnel arrived, he and another man carried the juvenile up a steep flight of stairs to their location. The juvenile and a male passenger were life-flighted, treated, and later released. Cpl. Ashby was later transported to a hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained in the crash.


To see the awards for all deputies involved, you can see the recorded version of the stream on the Missouri State Highway Patrol Facebook page.