Camdenton Area Chamber addresses Dogwood Festival changes

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The Dogwood Festival parade.

The Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce would like to address recent concerns regarding the new festival and parade locations for the upcoming 70th Annual Dogwood Festival. First and foremost, please understand the Camdenton School District had no involvement in the decision to move the festival and parade route. The Annual Dogwood Festival takes several months in advance to plan. When it came time to begin planning this year’s event the Camdenton School District was not able to guarantee the use of their property due to COVID-19 uncertainties. The District did not deny use of their property for the carnival nor parade only that such use of their property would be dependent upon the COVID-19 situation at the time of our festival.

Without the guarantee of property use and with unpredictable COVID-19 restrictions, the Dogwood Festival Committee along with the Camdenton Area Chamber Board of Directors agreed they would need to create an alternative plan of action in order to move forward hosting the event.

“We are so appreciative to Ozarks Amphitheater for allowing us to use their facility to host this year’s festival.” Stated K.C. Cloke, Executive Director of the Camdenton Area Chamber.“ “With the festival being held at the Amphitheater before it made for an easier transition”.

The parade planning brought the same concerns as the carnival logistics. When the committee evaluated the parade logistics the only alternative location big enough to accommodate staging the float entries was the Camdenton City Park. Citizens have recently shared concerns regarding enough spectator parking to view the parade. “Spectator viewing was one of many logistics highly considered while the committee looked for alternative parade route options” Cloke shares. “Although some portions of the parade route may require a little walking from parking to observing, there’s still ample parking to accommodate the crowd. We’re excited to share that just recently Camden County has cleared a lot adjacent from the Ozarks Amphitheater that will now offer a fairly large amount of additional parking.”

“The fact of the matter is, the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce wanted to ensure our community would have a Dogwood Festival this year. The Festival Committee and Chamber Board (both groups of volunteers) have done an incredible job producing this years event.” “For anyone that would like to get more involved with the Dogwood Festival I encourage you to reach out to the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce and offer your service. In fact, you don’t have to wait until next year’s planning to get involved. Due to COVID-19, we’re still a little short of volunteers, so give us a call today and we would be delighted to have the helping hand!”

The 70th Annual Dogwood Festival will take place April 15th through the 17th. For more details and a full schedule of events visit