Camdenton R-III recognizes April’s Classified Employees of the Week

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Camdenton R-III
Camdenton R-III recognizes April’s Classified Employees of the Week.

The Classified Employee of the Week is chosen through staff submissions. CCEA members recognize classified employees (support staff) who have made a difference in their field. (Left to right)

Week 1

  Chad Hoots, Horizons Educational Center Custodian

Chad takes pride in his work. He goes above and beyond to make sure the building is a clean and safe learning environment. Chad builds positive relationships with both the staff and the students. He is approachable, friendly, and thorough in his duties.

Week 2

  Melissa Logue, Camdenton Middle School Custodian

Melissa is the best and just an all-around good human being. She is always ready to lend a helping hand. She goes above and beyond to make sure that we have an environment that is clean and organized. Missy’s dedication to her job is second to none. She is always a positive presence in our hallway and goes the extra mile each day. Missy greets everyone with a friendly hello and sends everyone off with a friendly goodbye.

Week 3

  Lori Morris, Osage Beach Elementary Secretary

Lori is the perfect example of a selfless employee that goes out of her way to keep not only the office and principal, but the entire school running smoothly. She bends over backwards to help both staff and students daily. Lori is the first face you see when you come in, and the first voice you hear when you call. She is always smiling, warm, caring, genuinely interested in people and helping, listening and offering a lending hand. Lori is a people pleaser, she’s so humble, and puts the school and everyone in front of herself. She never complains and is never negative. Lori is a prime example of how we all should strive to be.

Week 4

  Dee Seaton, District Technical Support and Event Coordinator

Dee performs numerous administrative support roles and helps to keep the technology department efficient and organized. She has the huge job of managing the facilities and has always bent over backward to make sure the scheduling is done properly. Dee is in charge of managing, scheduling, and facilitating the facilities calendar and outside events across the entire school district. Through her vision, Camdenton Lakers can now broadcast any event at any time. Dee is normally the woman behind the curtain ensuring these events run smoothly with no noticeable mishaps by public eyes.