School of the Osage announces third quarter student leaders

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School of the Osage
School of the Osage announces its third quarter student leaders.

School of the Osage has announced the third quarter student leaders in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Left to right, top to bottom:

6th grade

Kathleen Spriggs

Kathleen is the daughter of Paulette and Michael Spriggs. She plays volleyball, sings in the choir, and is on a competitive cheer squad. In her free time she loves being outdoors. Her favorite subject at OMS is math. Kathleen uses her strength of achieving to do well in school and works hard to acquire good grades. She likes to be helpful to her classmates and teachers.

Blayne Altermatt

Blayne is the son of Melissa and Bill Altermatt. He enjoys playing basketball and golf. If he has time, you can find him watching tv. His favorite class at OMS is social studies. Blayne has the strength of confidence which he uses when he takes a test or when he attempts something new in class. Blayne tries to be respectful and kind to all those around him.

7th grade

Alissa Todd

Alissa is the daughter Amanda and Brad Todd. She participates in soccer, basketball, track, band and jazz band. She also is active in STUCO and Mount Carmel Youth. In her free time she enjoys being with her family and practicing sports. Her favorite class at OMS is math. Alissa is an organizer and uses this strength to manage her school work. Her peers know her to be goal oriented and one who works hard to achieve them.

Brady Altermatt

Brady is the son of Bill and Melissa Altermatt. He participates in band, basketball and track at OMS. He loves to play golf in his spare time and watch tv. His favorite class at OMS is math. Brady has the strength of achieving and he uses his strength to work hard and get good grades. Brady likes to be a helpful person who is willing to assist his peers if anyone is struggling with their homework.

8th grade

Andie Job

Andie is the daughter of Jackie and Jake Job. She is busy participating in band and choir, basketball, cross country, weight lifting and is on a club soccer team. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. Her favorite class is weights. One of Andie’s strengths is achieving and it is evident in everything she does as she works hard to always do the best she can. Andie tries to be positive and kind to everyone. She is also a very goal driven person and teachers recognize this trait in her.

Tucker Willoughby

Tucker is the son of Taylor and Shara Willoughby. He participates in choir, basketball, track, soccer, cross country and weight lifting. If he has free time, you’ll find him playing video games or hanging outside with his brothers Tanner and Tyler. His favorite class at OMS is algebra with Mr. Adams. One of Tucker’s strengths is achiever which is obvious with his assignments and good grades. His peers see him as a focused student because he likes to stay on task and complete his work on time.