Roadway Striping to Begin in Mid-Missouri

Press Release
Missouri's Move Over law requires drivers to either change lanes or slow down when approaching MoDOT, law enforcement or other emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is encouraging drivers to be on the lookout for slow moving crews that will soon begin the annual process of striping roadways across mid-Missouri.

Beginning Monday, April 5 and throughout the spring, summer and fall, motorists on the state’s two-lane lettered routes may encounter slow-moving lines of trucks laying down crisp, easy-to-see yellow and white stripes designed to help keep travelers safe. MoDOT uses paint embedded with glass beads. The beads reflect headlight beams back in the direction of the motorist to make the stripes more visible, especially during night, wet road or low light conditions.

Striping crews must travel slowly as they paint roadway markings to ensure a good quality line. The striping trains move between 8 and 12 mph and will be equipped with flashing lights, boards with flashing arrows and signs that say “Slow Vehicles” and "Wet Paint."

“Safety is our primary concern, both for our crews and for every traveler on Missouri roadways” said MoDOT Central District Engineer Machelle Watkins. “These vehicles move at slow speeds, many times on winding, hilly roads. That is why is so important for every driver to avoid distractions and pay attention to the road ahead.” Most of the striping is done during daylight hours. However, it is not uncommon to see crews working at night on interstate highways and other high-volume divided highways.

Drivers are reminded to stay behind the last truck in the striping train, which is placed well behind the striping truck. This will give the new paint time to dry and prevent it from getting onto vehicles, being damaged by tires, and from being tracked across the roadway. Crews will pull over when it is safe to do so in order to let traffic congestion clear.

If you do drive through the wet paint, which is water-based, clean your car as quickly as possible with a high-powered water hose such as those used in car washes. Work is weather permitting and could be delayed. For more information about this project or other transportation-related matters, please call 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (275-6636) or visit Follow the MoDOT Central Missouri District on Facebook or Twitter for project updates.