Lake area health departments release joint update on COVID-19

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Press Release
Kerry Carder receives his COVID-19 vaccine at the Camden County mass vaccination event.

Joint press release:

The Lake Area local public health agencies of Camden, Miller, and Morgan Counties would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to continue COVID-19 spread mitigation efforts such as masking and social distancing for unvaccinated populations to keep our communities safe and healthy.

The three counties combined have reported 8,142 confirmed cases with 174 COVID-19 related deaths.

Camden, Miller, and Morgan County Health Departments are happy to report that there have not been any recent spikes in new positive COVID-19 cases with currently about 50 active cases.

While many in our community are being vaccinated, not everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated yet, so we need to continue to be cautious.

We encourage everyone to be vaccinated, especially the high-risk populations. Since much of our economy is driven by tourism, we also see the importance of prioritizing those working in the service industry. Even if younger people are not as likely to get severely ill, they can still transmit it to the vulnerable. These residents are exposed to hundreds of people every day from all over the country here to enjoy our beautiful lake, so it makes sense for them to protect themselves against COVID-19 infection which will reduce their family and friend’s risk too.

The Lake Area’s three public health departments continue to work with local and state health officials to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. The State of Missouri released recently that those in Phase 2 became eligible for vaccine on March 29 and Phase 3 will become eligible on April 9. Visit to view the State’s phase and tier priority list and to register for potential vaccination clinics. The vaccine is free and can be obtained at many locations in central Missouri.

We recommend businesses to adopt policies requiring the use of masks by their unvaccinated staff. Especially those employees that cannot distance themselves from co-workers and customers such as employees at restaurants, bars, gas docks, and salons. The policy may include a need for a physician’s note from staff with medical reasons where a mask is more harmful to their health.

Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 are directed to isolate in their home and not go to work, school, or anywhere in public. Their County Health Department shall investigate thoroughly, either notify personally or work with the patient to notify all close contacts to quarantine, monitor for fever and respiratory symptoms, and discuss testing options. Anyone exposed to COVID-19 and not fully vaccinated, are directed to quarantine for 14 days from date of most recent exposure. For more information for fully vaccinated people, visit CDC’s site:

It remains very important that each of us continue to practice preventative measures to help keep the spread of all communicable diseases to a minimum. These measures include social distancing, proper use of masks, proper handwashing, no touching of the face, cleaning frequently used surfaces, and avoid sick people, or if sick yourself, stay home and call your health care provider. This includes a fever of 100.4 or greater, any cold and flu like symptoms, diarrhea, and a loss of sense of taste or smell, no matter how mild the symptom.

These preventative measures, along with the vaccine will help our residents and visitors enjoy a well-deserved safe and fun spring and summer.

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