School of the Osage announces February leaders of the month

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School of the Osage
School of the Osage has announced their student leaders of the month for February.

School of the Osage has announced their student leaders of the month for February. (Left to right, top to bottom)

6th grade

Rylee Hoffmeyer

Rylee is the daughter of Patricia Sweeney.  She participates in choir at OMS.  She enjoys playing on the trampoline and talking to her friends when she isn’t in school.   Her favorite class at OMS is math.  Rylee has the strength of caring and uses this daily as she often puts the feelings of others before her own.  Rylee is seen as a positive and cheerful student in the classroom and by her fellow students.

Lane Stokes

Lane is the son of D.R. and Heather Stokes.  He is a member of the 6th grade band and enjoys playing basketball and golf.  In his spare time he plays video games and loves to be outside.  His favorite class at OMS is P.E.  It is no surprise one of his strengths is competing!  He is a focused and responsible student who works hard in the classroom and always has a positive attitude.

7th grade

Emma Beach

Emma is the daughter of Russell and Jordan Beach.  She participates in volleyball and softball at OMS and is in the band.  She enjoys playing these with her sister when she isn’t at school as well.  Her favorite class at OMS is science.  Emma has the strength of dependability and she uses it to make sure she always gets her work done and to carry through on promises.  Her teachers and friends see her positive attitude and encouraging words as one of her daily strengths.

Luke Wolf

Luke is the son of Chris and Joan Wolf.  He participates in basketball, football, baseball and track and is in both the choir and band at OMS.  He enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.  His favorite class at OMS is math.  He has the strength of relating and uses it to get along with others and understand where they are coming from in everything he does.  Peers recognize his positive attitude and willingness to be helpful as what makes him a great classmate.

8th grade

Caitlyn Sullivan

Caitlyn is the daughter of Craig and Erin Sullivan.  She participates in volleyball, wrestling and track at OMS.  She likes to hang out with her family and enjoys practicing her various sports.  Her favorite class is science but she also enjoys weightlifting class.  Caitlyn’s strength of organizer helps her as she balances her sports and school work.  She likes to be a helpful classmate if someone is struggling to understand an assignment.  She also works as an office aide, and being helpful is an important part of that position.

Alex Kauten

Alex is the son of Tony and Michelle Kauten.  He participates in track, cross country, soccer and is in both the band and choir at OMS.  He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games and playing soccer.  His favorite class at OMS is math.  His strength of dependability is useful because teachers know he will get his work done on time and done well.  Alex tries to be a positive person who works well with his classmates and stays focused on his studies.