Camdenton R-III Education Foundation awards classroom impact grants

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Camdenton R-III
Charlie Gordon, MS Industrial Technology teacher.

The Camdenton R-III educators continuously go above and beyond to educate students and support each other with excellence. The Camdenton R-III School District Education Foundation, Inc. (CEF) recently partnered with fellow educators and staff through their generous payroll deductions and community members’ support. Together CEF recently financially awarded four educators’ requests to help provide new programs through the CEF’s Classroom Impact Grant program.

“The students are so excited about this and can’t wait to get started on the project,” says Jason Horne, High School Life Skills educator. The CEF grant is assisting in starting a student-led movie theatre on campus to show classic movies to the community. The grant will help teach the students how to operate a movie theatre business so that after high school, they will be able to go out and apply for jobs with skills already in hand.

The Camdenton Middle School students will also receive support through Charlie Gordon’s Industrial Technology classes. “These new additions will expand my students’ skills in both machinery, and project completion, in the safest way possible,” he reports.

“I appreciate our CEF for giving me the opportunity to create a meaningful space for our students,” Karissa Byler, Middle School Special Education teacher exclaims. Her “Meaningful Sensory and Adaptive Physical Education Space” grant allows students to safely and social-distantly interact in enhanced physical education activities.

Camdenton’s Dogwood Elementary principal Lucinda Varner comments about her CEF grant, “With support from the Education Foundation, staff members will be given the tools and opportunity to focus on their own strengths, gifts and talents to better support the needs of students. Each staff member will discover and practice self-care strategies in a space provided that is conducive to supporting this. The proposal was written in an effort to help support staff members and the pressures brought on by our current, unprecedented circumstances.”

The CEF is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is “Steering the Course for the Future.” This mission helps provide educational opportunities that fall outside the normal budget of the Camdenton R-III School District. To donate and find out more details about the CEF please visit, under the community tab or call Linda Leu (573) 346-9213.