Here's the full story on last week’s murder investigation in Camdenton

Joyce Miller
Crime scene tape.

Dennis Born, a man in his 60s, died after allegedly being injected in the neck with a fatal dose of Fentanyl on top of two hits of methamphetamine. The fatal dose of Fentanyl allegedly administered by a friend, someone others said Born trusted. 

The allegations in documents released by the court following the arrest of three of the dead man’s friends, describe an evening that began as night out in search of drugs and ended in the death of the Born on the concrete floor of his mother’s garage. 

The friend he allegedly trusted the most, along with another friend, allegedly fled the scene taking Born’s truck with them. 

When deputies arrived at the home Born shared with his mother on Thousand Oaks Drive in Camden County, the garage door had been kicked in and the lock had been destroyed. Inside near where deputies found the body in the detached garage, they found drugs and paraphernalia. His family reported Born was a known drug user. His mother had last seen him on Sat., Feb. 27 when he left to go to the Walmart Supercenter in Camdenton. 

That same evening, Born allegedly met up with friends at Walmart and made a drug run to “High Hill” Dry Ridge Rd where they bought methamphetamine or “ice” as one of the defendants referred to it in court documents. 

On March 1, the family called the sheriff’s department after finding the body. Based on court documents, it appears Born died on Feb. 27. 

Four days later, the Camden County Sheriff’s Department had arrested three individuals believed to be involved. All are being held on no bond, facing charges ranging from hindering prosecution, tampering to second degree murder.

Adrienne Edington, 28, of Camdenton, is charged with hindering prosecution. Felix Knight, 32,of Camdenton, is charged with tampering and felony drug possession. Timothy Evans, 31, of Camdenton, is charged with second degree murder, tampering and delivery of a controlled substance. Evans was identified as the person Born trusted. 

Edington is identified as Evans' girlfriend. She, Evans and Knight were all together at an apartment in Camdenton when the two men left to meet up with Born. 

According to statements Knight gave to deputies, he and Evans walked to the Walmart Supercenter to meet Born. Later, after his death, Evans and Knight would end up ditching his truck near where he had picked them up. 

Later in the investigation, surveillance video from the Supercenter and a convenience store helped investigators get a bad on who had been with Born the night of his death and establish a timeline. 

Knight alleged that before going to where Born lived on Thousand Oaks Road, they had gone to buy ”ice” out on Dry Ridge Road. Born had been doing meth. He alleged Evans was in the back seat and injected Evans while he was driving. Shortly after the first injection, Born stopped the truck a few miles down the road and asked Evans to do it again. Knight alleged Born said the first hit wasn’t strong enough. The second injection apparently caused Born to get hot, Knight said. Evans removed his shirt because he said he was too hot.  When questioned, Knight said Evans was the only person Born trusted to do it. He demonstrated to investigators how Born tilted his head back for Evans to inject him from the back seat. 

Knight said after they got to Born’s house, they were all participating in drug use and it was at that point that Knight alleges Evans gave Born what investigators believe was the fatal injection. Shortly afterwards, Knight alleges Born became unresponsive and he tried to resuscitate him by giving him compressions. 

During questioning, Knight became emotional as he described trying to help Born while Evans was cleaning things up and removing the drugs and paraphernalia. He said he was mad Evans didn’t help save Born. 

Knight alleges that they then left Born’s house and went to the site where the truck was later found. The truck, Born’s key lanyard and his wallet were missing from his home. He described Evans using wipes in an attempt to remove any evidence they may have left in the truck. They moved a tile saw to a wooded area near where the truck was dumped. Law enforcement would later search the area and find the truck and saw, consistent with Knight’s description. 

After ditching the truck, the two walked back to Camdenton. 

After interviewing Knight, a manhunt ensued tracking Evans. That was when Edington apparently attempted to keep investigators from finding Evans. 

Prior to Evans being taken into custody, Edington and Evans used their cell phones to communicate. Edington told Evans to go to another residence to avoid being arrested. Edington had been questioned about Evans whereabouts in connection with another incident and had been warned there would be consequences if she continued to help him evade capture. 

Evans, Knight and Edington are all being held with no bond allowed. All three have prior charges in Camden County.