School of the Osage announces January Leaders of the Month

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School of the Osage
School of the Osage has announced its January Leaders of the Month.

School of the Osage has announced the January leaders of the month in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

(Left to Right, top to bottom) 

6th Grade

Alec Whitefeather

Alec is the son of Andrew Whitefeather.  He likes to play football and is a member of the 6th grade band at OMS.  If he’s not busy at school, he enjoys being on his PlayStation.  His favorite class at OMS is computers.  Alec’s strength of dependability shows in his classwork as teachers know he will get his work done to the best of his ability and he doesn’t cause trouble in class.  His classmates see him as a helpful person who is willing to assist them if they are having trouble with an assignment.

Asia Jones

Asia is the daughter of Josh and Danielle Jones.  She participates in band and choir at OMS and enjoys playing volleyball and softball.  In her free time, you will find Asia practicing volleyball.  Her favorite subject at OMS is choir.  Her strength of achieving is very obvious if you see her grades and the quality of the work she hands in every day.  She enjoys being a kind, helpful person to her peers who might need help with an assignment or an encouraging word.

7th Grade

Dustin Lemke

Dustin is the son of Don and Diane Lemke.  Dustin participates in soccer and the band at OMS.  He likes to watch tv in his spare time.  His favorite class at OMS is math.  Dustin’s strength of caring shows as he is always willing to help those around him if they don’t understand their assignments.  Dustin is seen by his teachers as a focused student who pays attention in class and gets his work turned in on time and done well.

Grace Holtmeyer

Grace is the daughter of Richard and Amanda Holtmeyer.  She is busy participating in choir, band, basketball and cross country.  In her free time, Grace enjoys watching movies.  Her favorite class at OMS is science.  Grace has a strength of competing and uses it to push herself to achieve and always do better.  Teachers know she is a goal oriented student who always displays a positive attitude.

8th Grade

Aiden Raynor

Aiden is the son of Jordan Beach and Matthew Raynor.  Aiden is in the OMS band and plays baseball in the spring.  In his free time he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends.  His favorite class at OMS is ELA.  Aiden’s strength of dependability helps him in school because teachers know he will get his work done and help others who are having trouble.  He is a respectful student and tries to have a positive attitude in everything he does.

Taylor Carroll

Taylor is the daughter of Jeff Carroll and Melissa Carroll.  She is involved in club soccer, basketball, track and cross country, plus she participates in choir and band.  When she isn’t busy with all of those activities she enjoys hanging out with her friends, running and playing soccer.  Her favorite class at OMS is science.  Taylor’s strength of organizer helps her be ready every day in the classroom and helps make sure others understand what is going on too.  Her classmates view her as a focused student who makes sure her work is complete and is willing to share with struggling learners. photos provided