Road recovery efforts by MoDOT, county begin following brutal winter weather

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
The Rolla Daily News

Following one of the coldest weeks in Missouri history, a wave of warm weather has graced the lake area and the inches of snow have started melting. While this is good news for those who were unable to travel due to poor road conditions, it’s only the beginning of tough weeks ahead for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and county road and bridge crews as they attempt to repair the damage.  

Pothole repair is normal at this time of the year. As spring sits less than a month away, road crews are able to get out and repair winter damage before heavy traffic comes in the summer. Local MoDOT spokesman Bob Lynch says current road conditions are unique, as the ground temperatures are still very cold. Until deep ground freeze has been able to thaw, there is still a possibility of further road damage.

Over the coming weeks, road crews will be present around the area repairing potholes and monitoring road damage. In a recent press release, MoDOT asked motorists to slow down and move over a lane to give road crews room to work.

“Crews have started working to address the pesky potholes as soon as there was a break in the weather last week,” MoDOT said in their release. “MoDOT will have about 300 pothole patching crews statewide working to make roadways safer. In 2020, MoDOT patched approximately 760,000 potholes spending $18 million on pothole patching.”

Lynch says that they will be sending trucks around the lake area during the next few weeks to try and address known issues. However, he says that MoDOT relies on locals to report potholes that are off the highway, as their visibility to these issues can be limited without reports from those living nearby.

Pat Wolf, Camden County R&B Administrator, says that the county will be patching potholes as well. While there likely won’t be major work happening this week, work should continue as hauling salt and pea gravel are restocked. He says they are continuing to clean trucks and spreaders while roads thaw out.


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Motorists can report the location of potholes on state-maintained roads using the following tools:

-Call the 24/7 Customer Service Center at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636).

-Use the Report a Road Concern form on the web at

-Use a smart phone/tablet with a mobile friendly form at

-Potholes on city streets or subdivisions should be reported to local city or county maintenance.