Creach discusses joining Lake Regional after decades of work with lake chambers

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Trish Creach will join the Lake Regional team to serve as executive director of Philanthropy.

After more than nine years in the position of Executive Director, Trish Creach has announced her resignation from the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce.  She will be departing her role as of March 26. Creach will join the Lake Regional team to serve as executive director of Philanthropy.

After almost three decades of chamber work (18 years with the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and 9 years with the Camdenton Chamber), Creach says she's found the work to be both rewarding and fulfilling for her career. 

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, she says she took an intern role with the Lake Chamber out of college and slowly worked her way up the ranks. This has been her career for 27 years and, now that she is moving on, she says it’s amazing to look back at all of the work she and her fellow chamber members have accomplished.

Creach says that the collaborative nature of the work she’s been a part of is a key highlight in her career. She says the people who have worked alongside her are the foundation of the work they were able to accomplish. From economic development projects, to organizing with veterans to host the air show, to her work with the Camdenton Business Incubators, she says the focus on community engagement has always been key. 

“This community has amazing people that work hard to make a difference,” Creach said. “I’m so confident that the chamber will continue to grow and do great things.”

In a press release, Camdenton Chamber President April Tate commented, “We appreciate all that Trish has given to the CACC over the past 9 years.  She is an amazing person that has an incredible heart for our community. We will miss her at the chamber and wish her much success on her future endeavor.”

Next up for Creach will be a key role in the further development of services provided at Lake Regional Health. Beginning in April, she will lead Lake Regional’s efforts to rally community support for enhancing and expanding Lake Regional services as director of Philanthropy. 

According to Lake Regional, “Creach will have a long-term philanthropy development focus and will lead the “Commitment to Caring” initiative, which is currently focused on a project to enhance heart care and cancer care. More than $1.19 million has already been raised for this initiative, and much of the support has come from the Lake Regional Development Council. This volunteer group consists of six committees focused on building relationships and inviting the community to come alongside Lake Regional and take pride in advancing local health care.”

Creach says that, in her time at the lake, she has been amazed by the transformation that Lake Regional has seen. Much like her role with the chambers before, she explained that her new role will be to develop relationships with the community and to continue anchoring Lake Regional's role in the area through those relationships. 

“I’m excited about this opportunity,” Creach said. “I’ve worked with Lake Regional many times before and I really appreciate their core values.”

Creach says she feels fortunate to have had so many positive experiences over the years and is thrilled to continue working within the lake community.