Eldon South Elementary principal shares her love for the Chiefs with students and family alike

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Michele Herbert (center right) stands with her family outside of Arrowhead Stadium.

To Michele Herbert, her family’s love for the Kansas City Chiefs is an absolute obsession. From a fully decked-out basement full of Chiefs memorabilia to a painting of the final play of the 2020 Super Bowl, there is no shortage of love for the red and gold. 

Michele says she wasn’t much of a sports fan before marrying her husband Michael. Ever since, she too has been part of the family fandom. She says her husband’s family would go to as many games as possible throughout the years, regardless of if it was a winning year or a losing year. She shes the loyalty of the fanbase is one of her favorite aspects of the team. 

As for the upcoming match against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Michele says anxiety is high throughout her family. This feeling of anxiety stretches all the way to Washington DC, where one of Michele’s two daughters lives. She says her daughter has been sending her pictures of her DC home all decked out in Chiefs gear as she too prepares for the Super Bowl. 

This love for the team is long-standing among Michele’s children, as they can be seen in family photos when they were kids at Arrowhead and even in baby pictures with Chiefs gear. Michele says her other daughter will be coming home from SVU to watch with the family.

As the principal of Eldon South Elementary, Michele says the school has been celebrating  Chiefs Spirit week. From jersey day to dressing up as different players, the halls have been drenched in red and gold all week long. 

One thing Michele says she is sure not to mess with on game day are the many superstitions her husband and his friends have. A long-running tradition for every game includes a figurine of Derrick Thomas, former Chiefs linebacker, which she says her husband has to turn towards the screen in order to bring good luck to the game. She says they will even go as far as to not let someone come out of the bathroom if the team starts playing well while they’re away from the TV. 

As it goes with every season, Michele says her family is always happy to just be able to watch their favorite team and feel that community excitement. However, as the team gets ready to play in their second Super Bowl in as many years, she says it’s icing on the cake.