‘God’s Grub’ provides hundreds of free meals to lake residents facing hard times

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
A meal is set aside and ready for delivery at Crossroads Assembly of God in Sunrise Beach.

For many, the comforts of a church and the people within are a great place of healing. Whether it be a tough week or a tough year, the act of worship can be a moment to step away from life’s difficulties. For Pastor Kevin Hauk of Crossroads Assembly of God in Sunrise Beach, the goal was to take this comfort and bring the work of the church to the homes of those in need. Then came the idea of God’s Grub.

God’s Grub is a twice-weekly meal service being offered through Crossroads that provides free food to those in need around the Sunrise Beach area. Hauk says they serve people from Sunrise Beach to Laurie and all the way to Camdenton. Church volunteers meet in the church kitchen to prepare the food and then serve it to anyone who stops in. They even offer delivery to those within the aforementioned area. 

“We are a people that believe in fulfilling needs,” Hauk said. “It’s important to s and we want to show that love to the people around us.” 

Hauk says that it’s important for the church and its followers to not only follow the word of God but to bring those words of guidance into the community and act upon them. However, 2020 made that goal difficult with limited social gatherings able to be held. Hauk says that, throughout the year, he was struggling to come up with an idea that would work to bring help to those who needed it most. The idea for God’s Grub was finally realized at the start of January.

Hauk says that they want to serve meals to everyone from a single mom working eight hours a day who needs a night off to elderly residents who might not have anyone to help. 

God’s Grub has already reached many people in the lake area, with Hauk reporting that they served over 200 people last week. With the demand reaching so high, they are looking for any help from volunteers who might be able to package deliveries, serve residents or cook food. They also hope that other lake churches might reach out to work together with them to serve a wider area. The meals cost the church around $4 a plate, and any monetary donations to help support the cause are also welcome.

At the end of the day, Hauk says that they are just happy to serve the people of the lake and to spread the word of God. God’s Grub has been a success so far for the church and Hauk hopes that residents will continue to use the service.

“If we see a need in the community, we can say, well, we’ll pray for you and we’ll lift you up in prayer, but if we’re not actively involved in supplying for that need, what good is it?” Hauk said. 

God’s Grub is held every Tuesday and Saturday at the Crossroads Assembly of God in Sunrise Beach. Meals are free to all who come. Deliveries can be made to those who request them.