Middle School Expansion, animal classroom laboratory coming soon to Eldon School District

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Eldon Middle School sees major work being completed on the south side of the building where the expansion will be located.

In June 2020, Eldon residents voted towards the approval of a no-tax bond that the district would use for a number of improvements. These improvements included:

-Middle School Expansion

-'Animal classroom laboratory' 

-Upgraded playground equipment for the preschool program

Eldon Superintendent Matt Davis was able to share a number of updates regarding the progress being made for each of these projects.

Davis says the Middle School addition is on schedule to be completed by August 1 and is on budget. Currently, construction vehicles are on-site and working daily. The framework for the expansion is being placed and is still in early development. The expansion will allow for a dedicated area for 6th-grade students and will be similar in size to other rooms already in the middle school.  By moving over the sixth-grade class, it will create more room in the South Elementary building.

He says the animal classroom laboratory is also almost complete. In June, Davis explained that the smaller animal labs will be used to teach how to groom pets, nail trimming, proper vaccinations and general animal husbandry. They also plan to do some feed trials with chickens growing them on different feed rations. For the Swine and larger livestock, he says they will hopefully be able to farrow out a sow learn to Artificial Insemination on cattle and pigs as well as how to properly give vaccinations. The district is waiting on better weather for fencing to be completed. However, he says it is ready to be used for instruction.

Finally, the elementary playground improvements are being installed this week. The district hopes to help the early childhood students increase their physical activity levels on this new equipment, which should lead to better focus.

“We hope to be using the playground within the next few weeks. The kids are excited to have additional playground equipment,” Davis said.

Further updates will be provided as each project is completed.