Newly elected Camden County Treasurer honored to serve her home

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Newly elected Camden County Treasurer Kendra Hicks (right) is sworn in at the beginning of 2021.

For some, the idea of working for the county you were raised in is the highest honor. For others, the task is as daunting as any. For newly elected Camden County Treasurer Kendra Hicks, the position lands strongly on the former. 

Hicks graduated from Macks Creek and says she never wanted to go anywhere else for her career. Her husband also grew up in the area, making their family connection strong to Camden County.

She has worked in the County Treasurer’s office for fourteen and a half years and says it was surreal to finally take over the position from previous Treasurer Elaine Gilley. Now, as her career has led her to serve the people within the county she was raised in, she says it is an honor. 

As Treasurer, Hicks keeps track of the revenues coming and going from the county departments. From county payroll to taxes to balancing bank statements, she and the workers in her office keep the checkbook balanced. Having so many years of experience, she says it was easy to come into the role and get started at the beginning of the year. More than anything, she says the biggest change to her role has been getting used to not having Gilley working with her. 

“It’s been weird moving into Elaine’s position, but I gotta keep the ball rolling,” Hicks said. 

One of Hicks’ main focuses, as she moves forward, is to work with the county commission and pitch her two cents on county funding issues. She says she wants to meet with the commissioners regularly and attended a majority of meetings so that they can all work together and be on the same page. As the county manager of funds, she says that by getting everyone to see equally, many issues can be resolved more efficiently. 

Hicks says she ultimately wants to leave department spending up to the department leaders but isn’t afraid to help through regular communication. She says the way her treasurer’s office workers have been able to communicate through various tasks so far has been “wonderful.” She hopes that this communication will transfer over and be achievable through all departments she works with.

“We want to encourage each other to talk. No office in the county is more important than any other,” Hicks said.  

Hicks says that she feels blessed to be able to serve the residents of Camden County and she takes pride in being elected into the position.