School of the Osage announces second quarter student leaders

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School of the Osage announces its second quarter student leaders.

School of the Osage has announced the second quarter student leaders in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

Left to right, top to bottom:

6th Grade

Dawson Wyrick

Dawson is the son of Erin and Kevin Wyrick.  He is involved in the wrestling club and plays in the 6th grade band.  He enjoys being outdoors and wrestling with his brother.  His favorite class is math.  He uses his strength of achieving to strive to do well in everything he participates in.  He enjoys being a helpful classmate to those around him.

Ainsley Beeler

Ainsley is the daughter of Michael and Jennifer Beeler.  She participates in soccer and the 6th grade band. She loves to go fishing and play soccer.  Her favorite class at OMS is language arts.  Ainsley’s strength of dependability is evident as teachers know she can be trusted to help around the classroom and the school. She is a student who has a positive attitude and can be counted on to work hard in everything she does.

7th Grade

Hudson Stombaugh

Hudson is the son of Mark and Cassidy Stombaugh.  He is involved in FCA, band and choir and also plays basketball and ran cross country.  In his spare time he enjoys playing games and having friends over.  His favorite class at OMS is math.  Hudson uses his strength of achiever to strive to perform the best he can in everything he does.  Hudson tries to be a helpful classmate to those who don’t understand their class work.

Emma Holtmeyer

Emma is the daughter of Amanda and Richard Holtmeyer.  She participates in band, basketball and soccer.  She loves to both cook and read when she has free time.  Emma’s favorite class is math.  Emma’s strength of organizer helps her stay on task and accomplish things both on the court and in the classroom.  Emma is seen as a responsible person who works well with others.

8th Grade

Carter Moesch

Carter is the son of Betsie Stewart and Adam Stewart.  He enjoys watching Minecraft and reading.  His favorite class is math.  One of Carter’s strengths is achiever which he uses as he strives to do his best in all of his classes. He is seen as a kind and helpful person by his fellow students as he is willing to help them if they don’t understand something in class.

Kacie Edwards

Kacie is the daughter of Justin Edwards.  She plays basketball and softball and is a member of FCA, Builder’s Club and the OMS choir.  Kacie enjoys reading and writing.  Her favorite class is language arts.  Kacie uses her strength of achiever to set goals for herself and to make sure things are done on time.  Her friends know her as a responsible person who is willing to help others.