Camden County Commission building inspection cites many issues. Here's what it says.

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Camden County Courthouse.

The city of Camdenton has completed its courtesy inspection on the Camden County Commission Building, with multiple issues being cited in the report. 

Among the issues listed are the following:

  • Fire Extinguishers not properly identified, installed correctly, easy to access or annually inspected
  • Exit doors do not open fully and panic hardware is not operational
  • Electrical switches did not all contain cover plates and the electric panel was not properly marked
  • Exit signs did not illuminate appropriately
  • Smoke detectors were not operational
  • Heating combustibles were not at least 36" away at a minimum
  • Knox Box did not contain keys

The report continued with in-depth notes for the inspection. Among the notes listed, the following was said:

  • Outside handrails, Knox box are needed
  • Panic hardware needed downstairs
  • Proper exit signs and lights are needed throughout the building on all levels
  • Exit doors must not be locked
  • After exits are posted, all non-exit doors must be labeled 'Not An Exit'
  • Cover plates needed on electrics
  • Spliced wires need repair
  • Exposed electric wire needs repair
  • All two plug outlets need to be changed to three plug
  • GFI's needed in all bathrooms and kitchen
  • All electric panels need labeling
  • Extension cords should be temporary only
  • Electrical junction boxes should not be concealed, electrician needed
  • Smoke detectors must work, replaced if ten years or older
  • Ceiling tiles need repair
  • Handrails needed in stairwells
  • Hot Water heater needs a downpipe 6" from the floor
  • Remove paint from the maintenance room
  • Downstair pipes need to be seen by a plumber

The inspection went on to note that all three commissioners' offices were locked during the inspection, so they were not inspected. It also noted that individuals making repairs were unable to do a walk through inspection with the inspector.