School of the Osage announces December Leaders of the Month

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School of the Osage announces December Leaders of the Month

Left to right, top to bottom:

6th Grade

Kody Smitherman

Kody is the son of Beth and Justin King.  He loves to play football and baseball.  Football is what he does in his spare time, plus he enjoys writing.  Math is his favorite OMS class.  Kody puts his strength of competing to good use as a student and an athlete because he has confidence in himself.  Kody is a positive and helpful person who believes in being respectful to those around him.

Addie Glover

Addie is the daughter of Danielle and Josh Glover.  She participates in band and choir at OMS and enjoys gymnastics.  She loves to spend time with her family.  Her strength of organizer helps her get her homework done and do things in an orderly manner.  She attempts to be kind and respectful to her fellow students and teachers.

7th Grade

Jesse Myhre

Jesse is the son of Jessica Myhre.  He loves to play sports and plans to run track this spring.  If he has free time, you’ll find him watching sports, especially football and basketball.  His favorite class is government because he loves learning about America and enjoys the teacher. His strength of achieving serves him well because he strives to always do his best on his school work.  Jesse tries to have a positive attitude and share it with his friends.

Hannah See

Hannah is the daughter of Courtney See and Tim See.  She is involved in band at OMS.  She enjoys spending time outside when she can.  Her favorite class at OMS is math.  Dependability is one of Hannah’s strengths which she uses to get her work accomplished and teachers can rely on it to be done well.  Fellow students see her as a focused student who is willing to help when needed.

8th Grade

Sam Nelson

Sam is the son of Todd Nelson and Stacy Reuter.  He likes to play hockey and is an office aide at OMS.  In his free time he enjoys cooking and baking.  His favorite class at OMS is social studies.  One of Sam’s strengths is caring and he uses this strength to help people out and to show new students around OMS on their first day at school.  His peers consider him to be a good problem solver who works well with others. Sam strives to be kind to his fellow students.

Jordyn Beattie

Jordyn is the daughter of Ryan and Jane Beattie.  She is involved in Show Me Athletics- competitive cheerleading.  She loves to spend time with her friends.  Her favorite class at OMS is language arts.  Her strength of caring is evident in her work at school and as she interacts with other students.  She is an organized person, so friends know if they need a pencil or someone with paper, they can turn to her! photos provided