City: County commission building not required to receive inspection

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Camden County Courthouse.

A letter from the City of Camdenton was sent to the commission Tuesday, offering for a safety inspection to be done on county buildings if needed. The letter was spawned by local concern about the condition of the Camden County Commission building. However, Camdenton City Administrator Jeff Hooker has confirmed that the letter was an offer, not a requirement. 

The letter in reference was sent to the three Camden County commissioners, stating that the city would be willing to do a courtesy inspection for life/safety issues in the commission building or any other buildings under the county’s jurisdiction within the city limits of Camdenton. However, Hooker says that they are not required to have this inspection done unless the county was engaged in a construction/renovation project within city limits that would require by City Code to apply for building permits and/or inspections relating to said project.

The letter was not read during the public commission meeting held Tuesday morning. Commissioner James Gohgan did bring attention to it to the other commissioners, but he says Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty asked him not to read it. This occurred before the official meeting had begun. 

The county commission has not yet accepted or denied the offer by the city. However, Hooker says Gohagan has independently responded, saying he would welcome the inspection.