Magruder blasts 3,000 pounds of explosives, opening door to possible Lake Ozark industrial park

Dan Field

The blast lasted about 1 second, but the long-term impact could benefit the City of Lake Ozark – and the lake area -- for decades.

Magruder Companies used 3,000 pounds of explosives December 15 to loosen rocks and dirt at its quarry in the northeast corner of the city limits, opening the door to what Lake Ozark officials hope will become the first industrial park located within the city limits. The rubble will be used by Magruder for various projects including the Highway 54 intersection not far away.

Blast site.

The potential industrial area has easy access from Highway 54 and would provide a viable location for future industry for the city.

“This has been one of our goals in recent year as we realize the importance of diversifying our local economy,” Mayor Gerry Murawski commented. “It’s one of the most significant long-term accomplishments we’ve realized. It opens the door to expanding our economic development opportunities which could potentially include more jobs.”

The 210 acres of quarried area would eventually be leveled and made available for light industrial manufacturing, warehouses or distribution centers. Magruder owns additional acres in that area that could be developed commercially.

The industrial park paves the way for the next generation of development in Lake Ozark and will revolutionize the Lake Ozark community and the Lake region, city officials say.

Egg test

As an interesting aside, Clark Bollinger and other Magruder officials conducted an uncooked egg experiment.

Before the blast, they placed four eggs about 50 feet behind the blast area. One pair was buried and another set was laid on top of the ground in plastic bags. After the blast, they showed a group of onlookers including city staff and media that the raw eggs had not broken.

The experiment supports their contention that basements and foundations at nearby homes and businesses are not damaged by the blasting as part of the company’s operation.