Straight-line winds to blame for damage to King’s Plaza during storm

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Lake Sun Leader
Lake Sun Leader

The National Weather Service has determined that straight-line winds in excess of 60 mph swept through Osage Beach over the weekend leaving massive damage at King’s Plaza. At this time, the NWS has not linked the damage to tornado activity.

The storm Saturday evening brought rain and high winds to Camden, Miller and Morgan counties. King’s Plaza on the Osage Beach parkway sustained the most significant damage in the area.

Emergency response crews arrived on the scene to find roofing materials, siding, limbs and other debris scattered across the parking area.

No injuries were reported. Although there were some reports of other damage scattered throughout the area, King’s Plaza appeared to have taken the brunt of the storm.  

Many businesses located inside the complex have informed customers they are closed until further notice but are working to get their businesses back up and running. Some of these businesses include FlipBack, Needful Things and Randy’s Frozen Custard. Others, including Mike Heitman-State Farm Agent are working remotely to continue to serve clients.

DeIla and Jack Ray, employees of Sailor’s Tattoo and Piercing, were there to see it happen in real time.

“I was actually outside taking a break when the rain started getting a bit sideways. I actually decided to go back into the shop and no sooner than I sat down we heard the booms and it turns out the whole roof gets lifted off the plaza across the parking lot from us,” Jack said, thankful he made the decision to come back inside. “Damage was done to the truck next to our two, but we just had a whole bunch of insulation on ours and a bunch of sheet metal we had to remove just to get out of the parking lot. A couple of trucks around here are covered with a good amount of debris.”

DeIla knew something was not right when the windows of the shop started to wobble. She told her husband to stay away from them, thinking they would burst and fortunately, that did not took place. As soon as it was safe to do so, she and Jack raced out to see if anyone else needed help.

“It was pretty scary. The business two doors down from us, the grocery store there, we knew they were there,” DeIla recalled. “They had debris in front of their door and they could not get out. Their door was busted so we just moved everything out of the way and made sure they were ok.

“It definitely lets you know that things can change in the drop of a hat. You definitely have to appreciate everything,” DeIla said.