Band profile: Etched in Embers

Charis Patires
Lake Sun Leader

How did the band get its start?

We all started at a young age playing music. All four of us have been playing in bands around  Missouri  for decades now and we are finally making a push for national recognition.

What kind of music do you play?

Etched in Embers is a high-energy  modern hard rock band with twin guitar driven melodies and big three part harmony vocals. Definitely  on the heavy  side of  things but  dynamic as well.

Who is in the band, and what do they play?

The band consists of Russ Rhodenizer, lead vocals and guitar; Tyler Kenyon, lead guitar and backing vocals; Tony Mckee, drums; Adam Sudduth, bass and backing vocals.

What is it about music/performing that you enjoy?

For all of us the main thing we love about playing is the energy we feel from our fans! We love playing shows and connecting with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Unfortunately, with the world the way  it is right now our live shows have been few. However, this has lead us to something else we really enjoy and  that is writing and recording music. I think our focus on that aspect has been  helping us get some  notoriety, and slowly as things open up, we should be back out playing live. Either way, it’s a win/win for us.

What would you like for people to know about the band?

We would like people to know that there is a stellar original music scene in the Ozarks and statewide. We really hope anyone who likes modern rock and lives in the area would  check out our music on the  web and  realize that we are trying to bring fun concerts with original music to the Lake area. If you check out the music and dig it, please share with your friends. Talk about it on Facebook, Twitter etc. That support really goes a long way!

What are you working on now, and what are your future plans?

The Radio  Campaign  is the next step  for an up-and-coming band to make it into the national arena. We have been  fortunate enough to work with one of the big dogs in the industry, Landshark Promotions and our campaign with them started in October. We have been added to over 40 radio  stations nationwide and are looking to branch  to Sirius and XMAS radio as well. The next steps  for us are to hopefully get signed to a record label, get more radio play and  hopefully get on the road doing what we do best —  rocking out!

Where can people hear your music?

You can check out our music anywhere you stream music: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc. We also have a YouTube channel, Facebook Twitter and Instagram.