PhotoQuest 2020 Available On-Line

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Lake Sun Leader
Faded Utility - Bob McLuckie

The best work of local amateur photographers went on display earlier this month when the Lake Arts Council, in cooperation with the Lake Area Camera Club, posted PhotoQuest 2020 on YouTube. Links to the show are on and the Lake Arts Council Facebook page.

Local professional photographer Brad Glidewell judged the contest, selecting 42 photos in five categories for recognition. Best of Show honors went to Phil Wahlbrink, with first place honors for Rebecca Limback, Gary Fern, Raymond Huddleston, and Phil Wahlbrink. Seconds went to Willis Hoyt, Jennifer Wilcockson, Gary Fern, Phil Wahlbrink, and Bob McLuckie. Third place winners were David Campanini, Janet Loesch, Carol Gamm Smith, Gary Fern, Phil Wahlbrink, Jennifer Wilcockson, Raymond Huddleston, Bob McLuckie, Janet Loesch, Cheryll Vickers, and Duane Limback. Honorable mention awards rounded out the awards: Willis Hoyt, Gary Fern, Janet Loesh, Sandy Sinclair, Cheryll Vickers, Carol Gamm Smith, Rachelle Guess, Phil Wahlbrink, Jennifer Wilcockson, and Marletta Short.

Viewers of the video are encouraged to pause the program whenever they wish to examine the photos more closely. They can also improve their experience by using the “full screen” option. While obviously not as rewarding as seeing the program in person, the Lake Arts Council, working with the Missouri Arts Council, is taking steps to make the exhibit available to the greatest number of viewers in the safest possible manner. Future programs will also be on-line, but some programs will return to live presentation (with the fullest possible safety measures for the convenience and confidence of the audiences and performers). Patrons can review the Lake Arts protective measures and plans for all programs and office visits.

Patrons who wish to purchase photos can contact the Arts Council office at 573-964-6366 to be put in contact with the photographers. The show will remain available until at least September 30.

Avenue of Poets - David Campanini