Good morning from Zambia

Karen Thornton
There are times ministry work can get really hard, but God gives you the strength and a strong heart to face those times.

Where is Zambia? It sits on a high plateau in south-central Africa. Its neighbors to the north and north-east are the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the United Republic of Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique, to the east and south-east, Zimbabwe and Botswana, to the south, and Namibia and Angola, to the west. Zambia is a completely landlocked country. I left with a team of medical professionals from Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) in September to serve. I was the only one without initials behind my name, but God had clearly showed me I was to go. Many have heard me say, but God. JMM partnered with the most amazing ministry, “Reaching a Generation” (RAG), creating a movement in South Africa to see the lives of children, youth and families touched with a message of True Hope. It’s about changing the history of a continent, starting with the early development of a child in a family setting.

Ephesians says, some are to be missionaries so His people would learn to serve, and His body would grow strong. Continuing this unification by our faith and understanding of Jesus, the Son of God. 2Timothy tells us we all have a gift, it is in you and me, the gift giving us the power, love, and self-discipline to share the Gospel thru the power of God. Each chilly South African morning next to the Zambezi River we gathered sharing the Word of God and prayer for the adventure God had set before us for the day. We were bused to an open field to set up a tent, tables, and chairs to the already waiting of hundreds of persons (425 on the first day) who were told of our coming.

Each person we saw received personal attention to their physical need and personal attention to their spiritual need. The days were long and the temperatures under a tent were hot. There are times ministry work can get really hard, but God gives you the strength and a strong heart to face those times. Each person you touch needs to see the love of the Lord on your face coming from your heart or it just doesn’t work.

God has already given us the greatest sacrifice, His only Son. He left us with an example of what it means to give, and it isn’t just money, it is a sacrifice as an act of worship before Him. And, when we obey, He will bless us. The Gospel isn’t the Gospel without Acts which tells us by working hard, we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord and how He Himself said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Each person and medical professional paid for, donated time, product and in the end most clothing items that had been packed in their suitcase were given away.

As we seek to share our experience of the Kingdom of God with others, we cannot expect to reach everyone with the Good News. We can, however, share the message with the few, who will share with others, touching the lives of many, including the next generation.

Ref: Acts 20: 35; Ephesians 4:11-13: 2Timothy 1:6-8; Mathew 10;