Why do I care? Do you?

Karen Thornton
Special to the Lake Sun, USA Today Network
Busy street corner.

Jesus was united with the poor and those in need in an extraordinary way. He walked among them and taught as one of them. When He visited His hometown, He was looked upon as a mere man, a carpenter, Joseph and Mary’s boy. Just a regular guy to the people He had grown up with. However, they rejected Him.

Our world has tried to pass Jesus off as just another man, a good or wise teacher and prophet. If we don’t take the time to believe Jesus is the Son of God, there is no hope for our own redemption. In God’s offer of redemption, we are offered another chance. Christ provides us with the grace and the opportunity to have our identity changed back from being takers to being the givers He created us to be. When that happens to individuals, communities, and even nations, God enlarges the scope of caring beyond merely ourselves to what God cares about.

As Jesus began sending out the twelve disciples, He gave them authority; He told them to take nothing for their journey except a walking stick; no food, no suitcase, no money. He allowed them to wear sandals, but not to take a change of clothes. Wherever you go, stay in the same home until you leave. But, if any place refuses to welcome you or listen, shake the dust from your feet to show you have abandoned those people to their fate.

Do you believe what the Bible says matters and what we ought to do about the world around us? You will not find in the scriptures pages a manual with clever plans for saving humanity. It’s actually the opposite. The Bible is an invitation to stop playing God, and to start engaging in the world around us based on God’s intended design for it and for us. After all, it is not enough to merely start caring.

The truth in changing our world starts with changing ourselves! As believing individuals in a God who loves us so much, who sent His son to die, we must be willing to take responsibility for our part in our world. After all, we are His hands, His feet, and His voice to the world around us. Be ready to bless someone and change the world around you.

What if God could use YOU to change the world? Please contact me via email for additional information. Or you may go to https://heartlandworshipcenter.org/give select either Ethiopia fund. Remember, nothing is too small as nothing is too big.

REF: Mark 6; Luke 19:10; John 3:16

Karen Thornton is a resident of the Westside of the Lake of the Ozarks sharing the very words of God as relative to everyday life.  Karen is the owner of Karen’s Secretarial Service. Opinions expressed in her columns do not necessarily reflect those of the Lake  Leader. Contact Karen at ksecretary1@yahoo.com