Is God speaking to you?

Karen Thornton
Special to the Lake Sun, USA TODAY NETWORK
Lake Church Billboard.

Between your navigation system, mobile devices and a range of listening options, drivers are more distracted than ever. But people continue to notice billboards. How much time do you spend in your car? How many times have you read the same billboard? You are considered to be a captive audience. Remember Burma Shave or other popular catchy slogans on the highways from 1920’s through 1966?   

In 1947 a Los Angeles outdoor advertising company offered to put religious slogans on his unused billboards as a public service, such as, “the family that prays together stays together”. The saying came from a young ad executive donating his time to assist a popular national radio program called “Family Theater”. This program has been reintroduced by Father David Guffey and available on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. How many programs do you watch or listen to today that have the word family in them, the traditional family? 

There were numerous catchphrases used on billboards, “A world at prayer is a world at peace”. This idea of using vacant billboards caught on as an opportunity for other Advertising associations. Inspiring messages have appeared on more than 100,000 billboards throughout America.  This doesn’t even begin to count how many times the message has been read. Through the decades, messages were massaged a little with sayings like,  “Troubled? Try Prayer,” “Don’t Give Up! Pray. It works,” “God Makes House Calls” – 

God also uses signs.  From the beginning in Genesis 1, He put a sign in the sky for seasons, days and years. In Exodus 4, God had to use two signs to convince the people of His power. The people of Egypt weren’t too smart.  Look at all of the signs they had to see. Gideon, in the book of Judges asks God to give him a sign for His approval. In Matthew, the Pharisees and teachers asked for a sign. We can understand signs of the clouds in the sky (looks like rain, snow, other weather notifications). In Luke, Jesus said to the people, you know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and sky, but why do you not analyze this present time? Matthew goes on to tell us, “We have been told in advance”. With this advance notice/sign we will know the coming of the Lord. Isaiah 7:14, The Lord Himself will give you a sign. The sign led the wise men to Jesus. The 40 years the Israelites traveled in the desert; they followed a sign. In John, a large crowd followed Him, because they saw the signs.

God has had so many signs from the beginning of His Word to the end. Some of God’s signs are larger than a billboard. There are approximately 500 prophecies related to the “signs of the times”. Some are easier to understand than others. None-the-less, it is God’s way of speaking to us. 

REF: Genesis 1; Exodus 4&7; Judges 6; Isaiah 7; Matthew 12&24; Luke 12; John 6

Karen Thornton is a resident of the Westside of the Lake of the Ozarks sharing the very words of God as relative to everyday life.  Karen is the owner of Karen’s Secretarial Service. Opinions expressed in her columns do not necessarily reflect those of the Lake  Leader. Contact Karen at