Band Profile: Kaleb McIntire coming to Lake of the Ozarks on June 25

Charis Patires
Kaleb McIntire will be performing at Lake of the Ozarks June 25 at Hero’s Junction in Rocky Mount.

Kaleb McIntire’s sound can be described as good, old-fashioned country hillbilly music infused with rock n’ roll. Utilizing a natural, country baritone inflection, he sings from the heart. 

Hailing from Texas, where he held the No. 1 slot on Texas Internet Radio, Kaleb will be performing at Lake of the Ozarks June 25 at Hero’s Junction in Rocky Mount.

Many of Kaleb’s songs have made it into the top-10 on country music charts in both Texas and parts of Europe, while “Redneck in All of Us” appeared in the top 30 nationally. Some of his earliest hits include the anthem “Redneck in All of Us,” and his 2020 single, "Plain O' Texas" which was No. 1 on Texas Internet Radio. His new single, "Jesse James,” is already climbing charts both in Texas and nationwide.

Kaleb, originally from Diamond, Mo., currently lives on a farm outside of Dallas with his wife, Katie, their two dogs, Big Bad John and Duke, and their pet duck, Merle Quackgard.  He tours across the country with his band and has completed multiple tours throughout Europe where he has amassed a large following.

Q&A with Kaleb

What got you started in the music industry?

Doing Elvis impersonations as a kid and playing drums for a family gospel group growing up. My pops taught me mostly everything I know musically.

Describe what one of your performances are like?

Our shows are very high energy. They call us “real country music with a rattlesnake bite.” We love to play for the people who love a good time.

I write my own music. We do play some covers sometimes though because we have nothing but 100 percent respect for great songs. Those songs are how I learned to write.

What is it you enjoy most about performing?

I love to play live because of the people in the crowd. The more fun they are having, the more fun we are having. We all feed off of each other which is what makes it so great. I love to positively effect people with my music in any possible way.

Anything else you’d like to mention about the band?

We are very excited about the release of our new single “Jesse James” on June 18th. We are loving the fact that we can play for actual audiences once again and can’t wait to have a great year all around.

Upcoming concert:

Hero's Junction

27560 Hwy. W, Rocky Mount

Friday, June 25: 9-11 p.m.