Cam Osage Jamboree

In their first tests against other schools, Camdenton and Osage boys basketball teams participated in a jamboree Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Camdenton High School. Every team in attendance played three games, with each game broken down into two six minute halves and the score being reset after the first half. 

The Lakers kicked things off Tuesday evening, playing in the first game against the Plato Eagles. Camdenton and Plato were fairly evenly matched, with the Lakers able to move the ball well on offense and playing tough defense, albeit with probably a few more fouls than coach Campbell would prefer. Camdenton won the first half 9-8 and ended the second half in a nine point tie against the eagles. 

In the second game of the night, Osage played against the Macks Creek Pirates. The game got to a quick start with both teams using an up-tempo offense, frequently scoring on the fast break. The Indians’ offseason focus on defense and team depth seemed to pay dividends against Macks Creek. Their aggressive press defense often trapped the Pirates in the backcourt, forcing them to make dangerous passes to try and break the press that resulted in a number of turnovers and more scoring for Osage. However, the aggressive defense did allow for Macks Creek to occasionally make a successful pass down the court to an undefended player who was then able to score on an easy layup, something that allowed the Pirates to stay in the game, as Osage held just an 8-7 lead midway through the first half. But the Indians were able to limit those scoring chances and with the help of some good three-point shooting, they pulled away in the final minute and wound up beating the Pirates in the first half 20-13. In the second half of their game against Macks Creek, Osage played in mostly the same style, but their opponent adjusted to play a similarly aggressive defensive scheme. With both teams now playing full court press, they racked up fouls thanks to the physical nature of their defense, with 13 total fouls between the two teams in only a few minutes of play, and the Indians struggled somewhat against the new look of the Pirates defense. Macks Creek won the second half 14-11 after Osage missed a three-point shot to tie it as time expired.

After the third game in which Plato played Macks Creek, in which Plato won the first half and Macks Creek the second, Osage took to the court for the fourth game of the jamboree, this time against the Plato Eagles. Plato appeared to have noticed the success Macks Creek had scoring inside against the Indians defense and fought Osage to a 12-12 tie with a minute left by doing the same. The Eagles eventually won the first half 17-12, but the Indians showed much better discipline on defense as they had no fouls while remaining just as aggressive. In the second half, Osage defeated Plato 9-4 with their defense dominating once again. 

For the fifth game, fans began to stream into the gym in anticipation of the match up between Osage and Camdenton. At the tip off of the game, fans of both teams loudly supported their players and the atmosphere felt the most like a regular season game out of all of the games played that night in the jamboree. The Indians seized the advantage, taking a 10-4 lead at the halfway point of the first half. Camdenton had some difficulty at first adjusting to Osage’s defense and committed a few turnovers that the Indians converted into points. The Lakers turnovers and missed shots were too much to overcome and the Indians took the first half 17-4. The second half started quietly as both teams played excellent defense and didn’t give up many easy shots. Numerous missed shots and plenty of fouls made points few and far between for either side and Osage held a slight 6-5 lead with just over a minute left in the game. The Lakers scored with 30 second left to take the lead and the Indians appeared to forget to foul the Camdenton ball handler as time wound down, only finally doing so with a few second left on the clock. The Lakers’ defense shut down Osage’s final possession with a chance to win the game and defeated the Indians 7-6 in a second half that saw the defense of both teams dominate the play throughout. 

The sixth and final game of the night was between Camdenton and Macks Creek. Macks Creek took an early 6-0 lead but slowed down as the Camdenton defense tightened up. The Lakers cut their lead to 6-4 with about two minutes left as they began to find a rhythm on offense. The Lakers were able to get set up offensively and move the ball around effectively, allowing them to find inside scoring chances against the Pirates. They were also strong on offensive rebounding which gave them more second chance scoring opportunities. Macks Creek would hold on though and win 8-4 in the first half. The second half was similarly low scoring for most of the time, but thanks to the Lakers establishing good offensive pressure they pulled away late and beat Macks Creek 11-6. 

Overall at the jamboree, both Camdenton and Osage displayed the kinds of things their coaches had expressed an interest in seeing their teams do this year. Camdenton put on a whole-team effort, with plenty of passing and ball movement to find better scoring opportunities and more coordination on defense, and Osage was able to utilize their depth to use an aggressive style of play on offense and defense throughout the entirety of their three games. 

Due to the way in which the score for each game was reset at the end of the half, the teams at the jamboree effectively played two, six minute games against each opponent as opposed to one game with two six minute halves. Taking this into consideration, the Lakers finished the jamboree with a record of 3-2-1 in those six minute halves, and Osage finished 3-3. If the total from both halves of each game were added together like a traditional two-half game, then the Lakers went 2-1 and the Indians 2-0-1. 

With the preseason jamboree now behind them, the Camdenton Lakers will open their regular season against the Aurora Houn Dawgs at home on Tuesday, Nov. 30, at 7:30 p.m., and the Osage Indians will face the Cole Camp Bluebirds on the road Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 6 p.m.

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