If Eldon’s Kassidy Hull or Lake Ozark’s Hanna Maschhoff needed any momentum to start their fall golf seasons, they certainly found it on the final day of the Missouri Junior Tour Championship on Monday at Osage National Golf Resort.

High school golf season is quickly approaching for girls in the state of Missouri. If Eldon’s Kassidy Hull or Lake Ozark’s Hanna Maschhoff needed any momentum to start their seasons, they certainly found it on the final day of the Missouri Junior Tour Championship on Monday at Osage National Golf Resort.

On the same day that fall sports practices were slated to begin in the state, both Hull and Maschhoff ended their summers on a high note by earning some hardware to add to their resumes. Hull finished the two-day, 36-hole tournament as the champion of the 16-18-year-old female division and earned Player of the Year honors as the top points earner in the same respective division. Meanwhile, Maschhoff medaled in the 14-15 female division finishing third after the same amount of holes, but nobody in her division earned more points than her all summer as she brought home Player of the Year honors.

After 11 scheduled events throughout the summer that took both golfers across mid-Missouri, the two will likely meet again in the fall as Hull will be looking to build off a third place state finish for Eldon and Maschhoff will begin her first year at School of the Osage.

“I think it takes a lot of commitment playing as many days as you can and just trying to improve each year little by little,” said Hull who has won the summer tour several times before. “It is a lot of mentality, too, and I think that is what I have gotten the best at is keeping myself composed whenever I play. It used to be when you are younger, you have one bad hole and everything goes down the drain. But now, I try to just keep on going and think about what I can do to fix it.”

And as composed as she has been and after the success she has already seen, now entering her senior season, Hull’s competitive drive remains as high as ever and she can still be her own worst critic.

“I don’t think it is ever good enough, really. I mean, I could go out and shoot my best round and still take pieces I messed up on,” the returning Mustang noted. “Even today, I played well, but I had lots of shots I regret and things I know I need to work on.”

Maschhoff set out on a mission at the beginning of the summer from the first event on June 1 to be the top points earner. She won her division that day on the course in Sedalia and proceeded to do just that.

“It feels really good,” Maschhoff noted.

And accomplishing any kind of goal probably should. She did note that she did not do it alone, however.

“My dad and I have talked about a lot recently, just making sure every shot has a purpose and making sure you leave it all out there on the course,” Maschhoff said of her father, Jason. “He probably has been my number one supporter.”

Earning Player of the Year honors is certainly a great way to tee off any high school career, finding success against golfers from all over the region and on a variety of different courses. The boost of confidence the young incoming freshman has gained may be pretty beneficial moving forward.

“Knowing I came out here on top makes me feel good for state and everything,” she said of her future potential. “Knowing that, well ok, I can beat all these people and can go up there and do good there, too. And playing different courses so having a mindset of what those courses are, too.”

The Missouri Junior Tour successfully completed its summer schedule and there is hope that golf, among all the other sports, can do so as well this fall in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hull said the summer tour felt normal amongst all the adjustments and not very different from any regular golf outing. Entering her senior season, she is encouraged by all the Eldon golfers who joined her in their respective divisions this summer.

“I think it is getting much better and I think girls are realizing you don’t have to have played since you were 5 years old,” Hull said of the foundation at Eldon. “It is a sport you can just go out and you’ll get decent. Coach (Matt) Frey cares a lot about all of us and puts in the time with us. I think our team has a lot of potential this year, honestly.”

Here are the full results from the Missouri Junior Tour Championship:

10-11 MALE, PAR 36 (Two Rounds)

1. Anson Munzlinger, Columbia (+3) 75

2. Ty Brandt, Jefferson City ((+5) 77

3. Cooper Toalson, Eldon (+8) 80

4. Eli Cummings, Eldon (+11) 83

5. Blayne Altermatt (+15) 87

6. Michael Atnip, Jefferson City (+17) 89

7. Jackson Bennett, Eldon (+22) 94

8. Anthony Forrest, Jefferson City (+28) 100

10-13 FEMALE, PAR 36 (Two Rounds)

1. Kate Ryan, Columbia (+19) 91

2. Jaycie Lowery, Jefferson City (+26) 98

3. Haven Evers, Eldon (+28) 100

4. Claire Sinnett, Jefferson City (+47) 119

5. Emma Baumstark, Columbia (+50) 122

6. Emilee Sinnett, Jefferson City (+51) 123

12-13 MALE, PAR 36 (Two Rounds)

1. Grayson Moore, Jefferson City (+5) 77

2. Dawson Schnieders, Jefferson City (+6) 78

3. Sam Closser, Jefferson City (+9) 81

4. Will Kimes, Columbia (+10) 82

5. Carter Holliday, Columbia (+11) 83

T-6. Zach Hull, Eldon (+13) 85

T-6. Eli Herbert, Grain Valley (+13) 85

8. Talon Hull, Eldon (+16) 88

9. Ayden Howard, California (+17) 89

10. Harper Neidert, Jefferson City (+24) 96

11. Chancen Jordan, Rolla (+25) 97

12. Isaac Stoneking, Moberly (+27) 99

8-9 FEMALE , PAR 36 (Two Rounds)

1. Olivia Neal, Columbia (+13) 85

2. McKenzie Martin, Jefferson City (+20) 92

3. Claire Jones, Jefferson City (+40) 112

8-9 MALE, PAR 36 (Two Rounds)

1. Blaine Munzlinger, Columbia (+6) 78

T-2. Luke McGrath, Camdenton (+7) 79

T-2. Graham Henley, Eldon (+7) 79

T-4. Jack Sinnett, Jefferson City (+11) 83

T-4. Isaac Herbert, Grain Valley (+11) 83

6. Cooper Frey, Eldon (+17) 89

7. Ben Bruemmer, Jefferson City (+20) 92

8. Owen Vernon, Eldon (+21) 93

14-15 FEMALE, PAR 72 (Two Rounds)

1. Siena Minor, Columbia (+10) 154

2. Tierney Baumstark, Columbia (+13) 157

3. Hanna Maschhoff, Lake Ozark (+26) 170

4. Sophia Sindlinger, Sunrise Beach (+33) 177

5. Sophie Hinds, Jefferson City (+43) 187

6. Kate Carney, Sedalia (+80) 224

14-15 MALE, PAR 72 (Two Rounds)

T-1. Jonathan Jordan, Rolla (+6) 150

T-1. Owen Herbert, Grain Valley (=6) 150

3. Archer Schnieders, Jefferson City (+7) 151

4. Andrew Fallis, Columbia (+10) 154

5. William Boyd, California (+28) 172

6. Burke Bauer, Jefferson City (+31) 175

7. Nick Jones, Rolla (+32) 176

T-8. Gunnar Schuster, Osage Beach (+47) 191

T-8. Jacob Anderson, Ashland (+47) 191

10. Aidan Knipfel, Mexico (+52) 196

11. Jackson Hackett, California (+55) 199

WD- Logan Cox, Hallsville

16-18 FEMALE, PAR 72 (Two Rounds)

1. Kassidy Hull, Eldon (+9) 153

2. Lilly Knipfel, Mexico (+21) 165

3. Greta Hinds, Jefferson City (+23) 167

4. Camryn Swinfard, Jefferson City (+27) 171

5. Sydney Willingham, Columbia (+29) 173

6. Madeline Fallis, Columbia (+32) 176

7. Caten Lucchesi, Sedalia (+38) 182

8. ReaLee Smith, Centralia (+43) 187

9. Sidney Fessler, Columbia (+48) 192

WD- Lily Frazier, Ashland

WD- Lila Frazier, Ashland

16-18 MALE, PAR 72 (Two Rounds)

1. Joseph Fallis, Columbia (+6) 150

2. Aidan Wells, Eldon (+10) 154

T-3. Preston Bennett, Hannibal (+12) 156

T-3. Daniel Love, St. Joseph (+12) 156

5. Jackson Kreisman, Columbia (+13) 157

6. Jonathan Parker, Hannibal (+20) 164

7. Ethan Vanderwert, Columbia (+23) 167

8. Jeffrey Hollabaugh, Marshall (+29) 173

9. Matthew Potter, Ashland (+32) 176

10. Cole Lehmen, Westphalia (+33) 177