Osage senior Logan Havner has felt right at home in his time as an Indian. Staying fairly active in various clubs and activities the past four years, it is a community he has been proud to represent.

Osage senior Logan Havner has felt right at home in his time as an Indian. 

Staying fairly active in various clubs and activities the past four years, it is a community he has been proud to represent. 

“My favorite thing about Osage is how close you can be with just about anyone,” Havner said. “In free times during the summer there is plenty to do, and in times of need the community can come together like it has so far. It’s amazing.”  

Havner stayed busy each of the past four years as a three-sport athlete in football, basketball and tennis. When he was not on the court or the football field, he has been an active member in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Future Teachers of America (FTA) and Osage’s Les Chanteurs, a vocal music group. Havner is also an active member of the Dude Be Nice Club, which helps create and maintain a culture of inclusivity and kindness at the school, and Interact which serves students from ages 12 to 18 to develop leadership skills in the school and community. 

Havner was putting in the work for his final tennis season with the Indians this spring before the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the season. Looking back, though, it is a journey he has enjoyed and especially so when opportunities came about to beat the rival Eldon Mustangs. 

“One of my favorite Osage memories so far has definitely been either beating Eldon in basketball and football, and having a huge tribe (fans) for both of those,” Havner recalled. “And then when the girls beat Eldon in volleyball, our tribe was really fun to be a part of.” 

Q: Was there anything you were looking forward to, especially this spring, as you started to get ready for your final high school season? 

A: I was really looking forward to not only playing my last year of tennis this spring, but all the things I will be missing out on in the last three months of school. These are the fun times when lots of memories get made and to have to spend this time away from our large groups and all our friends really just kills us. I was really looking forward to having Coach (John) Baumstark take over as coach in the spring for tennis, too. He is just an amazing and fun person to spend time around. Not only that, but the whole team is always a good time to be around!

Q: Is there anything you love about tennis or anything this pandemic made you realize and what were your thoughts when you found out the season would be significantly delayed and eventually cancelled? 

A: Something I really love about tennis is that it is more of an individual game than basketball and football. More mental, and there is not much you can “prep” for. It is all on you and how well or how poor you will perform that day. It’s always something new and keeps the attitude in check. Something I realized during all this madness is that I took the small things for granted. Going to hang out at someone’s house to enjoy their company is now dangerous. Going to eat somewhere with the family or going with friends, even going to church in person, seems foreign to me right now. So, when all this is over I will definitely take the little moments in that life throws at me.  

Q: What has the quarantine been like and were there any steps you took to stay sharp incase there was an opportunity to compete in the future? What was it like to represent Osage, now looking back?

A: Quarantine has been pretty bland, but there have still been opportunities to escape reality and get out on the Lake some way or another. It’s just been really boring and I think like everyone else, I miss my friends and the people in the Class of 2020. I did do a few things to stay sharp incase there could be a season, like go out and hit every now and then, and stay on top of running and lifting in my own time. To represent Osage meant the world to me, especially when you are fully “bought in.” I had, still have, and always will have pride through Osage. 

Q: Anything you would like your teammates and coaches to know?

A: For my teammates, you guys are unlike any group I’ve had in any other sport, but it’s a blast! I will miss you guys a bunch, but we can still make up all the pizza parties and other goofy stuff like that later. Shoutout to Drew Elley, I’ve played doubles with him the past two years and it was always fun. I know he can take the reigns of the team and the sport. And to Baumstark, man, good luck with these boys next year. They like to get rowdy!