Camdenton senior Aeryn Kennedy loved to be on the pitch. Over the past three seasons, Kennedy became one of Camdenton’s most decorated scorers in school history with 102 goals to go along with 30 assists.

Camdenton senior Aeryn Kennedy loved to be on the pitch. 

So much so, that one of the fondest memories over the past four years was camping out overnight on the soccer field with her teammates to create some good team bonding. And plenty of other good memories came along with it. 

Over the past three seasons, Kennedy became one of Camdenton’s most decorated scorers in school history with 102 goals to go along with 30 assists. Her efforts have led to Second Team All-State honors twice in her time with the Lakers along with the title of the Ozark Conference Offensive Player of the Year, among other awards, and she has served as a team captain.  

The senior also played club soccer for Sporting Springfield and she has played for multiple Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams including the ODP National Team. Unsurprisingly, soccer will be part of her future after she signed with Marquette University this past fall and she also plans to be involved in the school’s Navy ROTC Program.  

However, like many seniors in the Class of 2020, Kennedy will not have the opportunity to enjoy her final high school season this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The senior was also supposed to travel with the ODP National Team this spring to Paris before that was cancelled as well. 

But it will not take away from what has already been accomplished on and off the pitch, and that goes for the wrestling mat, too, where she enjoyed serving as a team captain in her first season in the growing sport of girls wrestling.

Throughout her time at Camdenton, the senior has been involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), National Honors Society (NHS) and Science Club. Kennedy has also ben named Student of the Month for Elks Lodge, Rotary Club and the STEM Academy. 

Even though the final chapter has been cut short, it has been a good journey for the senior. 

“My favorite thing about Camdenton is the people. I have really enjoyed being a part of this community, everyone has been supportive and I really appreciate that,” Kennedy said.

Q: Was there anything you were looking forward to, especially this spring, as you started to get ready for your final high school season?  

A: Yes, this year we were going to do a “Kick Cancer” game for one of the best, funniest and most supportive teachers at Camdenton- Mr. (Douglas) Baker. It was a game dedicated to him. We were going to raise money for him and even wear special jerseys and put “Baker” on the back. Also, I always enjoy being able to invite a staff member to show how I appreciate them in our Teacher Appreciation Night. Just being a senior, I was looking forward to spending my last season with the team and with it also being Coach (Chris) Byington’s last season coaching girls soccer, it was already going to be a pretty emotional time.  

Q: Is there anything you love about soccer or anything this pandemic made you realize and what were your thoughts when you found out the season would be significantly delayed and eventually cancelled?  

A: Just that you cannot take any second for granted, even those while we had to do sprints. I was pretty crushed when I found out our season would be cancelled. However, our team had still been doing a great job with keeping in touch with technology over the break. Our coaches have also done a good job keeping in contact and sending workouts to keep everyone in shape at home. I have been trying to stay positive and take this time to learn and grow.  

Q: What has the quarantine been like and were there any steps you took to stay sharp incase there was an opportunity to compete in the future? What was it like to represent Camdenton, now looking back?

A: At first I viewed the quarantine as one of the worst possible things that could have happened at this time, which is probably the typical response of a teenage girl. However, I soon realized I can use this time to slow down my busy schedule and really focus on specific things I want to learn, both with soccer and school. Like with most everyone else, I have had to be a bit more creative with home workouts, but I have many great coaches who had been sending home workouts, which helps a lot. If I got to represent Camdenton one more time, it would mean a lot. I would have loved to play just one last game. 

Q: Anything you would like your teammates and coaches to know?

A: I want the freshmen to know that I was very excited to play with them this year, I could tell they were going to be an impactful bunch. I realize they also will be losing a season and I will be rooting for everyone next year. I also was excited to play with the senior class again- since freshman year we have talked about our senior year. The coaches have been very impactful in my life and they have not only encouraged me to be my best on the field, but off the field as well. I just want everyone to know I have really enjoyed my time here at Camdenton and the connections I have made through the sports programs.