Osage senior Nevaeh Henley has remained fairly busy in her four years as an Indian.

Osage senior Nevaeh Henley has remained fairly busy in her four years as an Indian. 

She could be seen running varsity cross country for the Indians on Saturday mornings in the fall and she has been a leader for the soccer team in the spring, serving as a team captain.  

There has been plenty to do in all the time between as well, whether it was spending time with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), her time in Interact, serving as Vice President of the Key Club- a service program at School of the Osage for those in need, being a member of SkillsUSA, serving on the Constitution Team and also interning at the Lake Ozark Police Station since 2018. 

During her time with Osage’s constitution team- part of a program known as the Constitution Project which began in 2013 to provide students a hand-on experience, being paired with minors in the field, for intensive competition in the fields of crimes scene investigation, law enforcement, trial advocacy and journalism- Henley was named the top crime scene investigator in the state.  

Henley has also been awarded the State Trooper’s scholarship and although the COVID-19 pandemic may be preventing her from enjoying her final few months at Osage, her future is looking bright. 

Henley previously joined the Air Force’s Soft Book program, a program that offers traditional high school juniors a chance to process for the Air Force and reserve their place in select Air Force careers, and she will be joining the United States Air Force upon graduation.  

Q: Was there anything you were looking forward to, especially this spring, as you started to get ready for your final high school season?  

A: Going into my senior soccer season, I remembered when I was a freshman and the first day of practice. What stuck with me was how excited the seniors were- they were so pumped to be back on the field. They went into the middle of the circle to stretch us out so full of pep. So, going into this soccer season I had many goals- starting varsity again, making team captain again, making All-District and going past districts, which was never done in my soccer career. But most of all, I wanted to make some of the freshmen so excited for their high school soccer career like what was done for me.

Q: Is there anything you love about soccer or anything this pandemic made you realize and what were your thoughts when you found out the season would be significantly delayed and eventually cancelled? 

A: During this time I got to thinking a lot about the last practice we had before it was called off. I remember preparing for our jamboree the next day and going to Subway after to talk about it when it got cancelled. However, I always tell myself to practice like this is the last one, sadly it was.  

Q: What has the quarantine been like and were there any steps you took to stay sharp incase there was an opportunity to compete in the future? What was it like to represent Osage, now looking back?

A: During quarantine our team has stayed in touch with one another every day. We made a soccer group on Snapchat where we send videos and pictures of our workouts, but most of all we talk about how much we miss soccer practice. We miss the fun exercise, we miss making Coach’s (Jason Long) “Tough Guy” face go away when we laugh. 

Q: Anything you would like your teammates and coaches to know?

A: I would just like to let my teammates know that I am sorry this happened to their season as well, but I am proud of the hard work that was put in and I know they will pick butt next year. I would also tell Coach Long that even though I did not get to play with him very long, I know he will do great things for our team later on and I cannot wait to hear about the Lady Soccer Indians next season!

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