Versailles' Coby Williams named Offensive MVP


-Versailles quarterback Coby Williams

-Versailles wide receiver Dallas Waller

-Boonville running back Avian Thomas

-Hallsville running back Cooper Crane

-Blair Oaks offensive lineman Andrew Luebbering

-Hallsville offensive lineman Jese Ortiz

-Blair Oaks offensive lineman Shane Gilmore

-Boonville offensive lineman Nathan Platt

-Southern Boone offensive lineman Tyler Frese

-Blair Oaks H-back Jake Closser

-Boonville tight end Josh Polk

-Blair Oaks athlete Dylan Hair

-Blair Oaks wide receiver Carson Prenger

-Boonville returner Tramell Coleman


-Eldon offensive lineman Jonathon Schoenfeld

-Osage offensive lineman Jace Hills

-Eldon H-back Nathaniel Wardenburg

-Osage tight end Matthew McCubbin

-Osage athlete Logan Havner

-Southern Boone quarterback Tyson Smith

-Southern Boone running back Tristan John

-Blair Oaks running back Riley Lentz

-Hallsville running back Mason Husky

-Blair Oaks offensive lineman Wyatt Moore

-California offensive lineman Garrett Burger

-Hallsville offensive lineman Landon Jensen

-Southern Boone wide receiver Blake Dapkus

-Boonville wide receiver Tramell Coleman

-Hallsville returner Emmitt Carlos


-Versailles offensive lineman Quinn Randall

-Versailles H-back Kaden McGinnis

-Eldon tight end Gabe Marriott

-Eldon athlete Kaden Dillon

-Boonville offensive lineman Saylor Marquez

-Southern Boone offensive lineman Max Hampton

-Blair Oaks wide receiver Cobi Marble

-Boonville returner Avian Thomas

-Southern Boone returner Blake Dapkus


Coby Williams of Versailles


-Blair Oaks defensive lineman Rylee Niekamp

-Blair Oaks defensive lineman Kamron Morriss

-Hallsville defensive lineman Nelson Pipes

-Southern Boone defensive lineman Reygan Whitt

-Blair Oaks linebacker Sam Luebbering

-Blair Oaks linebacker Kyler Griep

-Boonville linebacker Josh Polk

-Hallsville linebacker Cooper Crane

-Blair Oaks defensive back Jake Closser

-Blair Oaks defensive back Carson Prenger

-Boonville defensive back Tramell Coleman

-Hallsville defensive back Davis Forge

-Blair Oaks athlete Cade Stockman

-Boonville punter Charlie Bronakowski

-California kicker Clayton Winkler


-Osage defensive lineman Rudy Escobar

-Osage linebacker James Hutchcraft

-Versailles defensive back Brayden Morrison

-Blair Oaks defensive lineman Carson Bax

-Boonville defensive lineman Grayson Mesik

-California defensive lineman Trevor Myers

-Hallsville defensive lineman Jese Ortiz

-Southern Boone linebacker Ben Brookshire

-Boonville linebacker Lane West

-Hallsville linebacker Mason Husky

-Blair Oaks defensive back Levi Hainey

-Hallsville defensive back Jordan Decker

-Southern Boone defensive back Blake Dapkus

-California athlete Calen Kruger

-Blair Oaks punter Reid Dudenhoeffer

-Blair Oaks kicker Zack Herigon


-Eldon defensive lineman Colton Phillips

-Versailles defensive lineman Dallas Waller

-Eldon linebacker Kaden Dillon

-Versailles linebacker Quinn Randall

-Osage defensive back Luke Funderburk

-Versailles kicker Dallas Waller

-Osage kicker Collin Chilton

-Southern Boone defensive lineman Max Hampton

-California linebacker Bryant Davis

-Blair Oaks defensive back Jayden Purdy

-California defensive back Dawson Gump

-Boonville athlete Harper Stock

-California punter Dawson Gump


Rylee Niekamp of Blair Oaks


Ted LePage of Blair Oaks


-Blair Oaks (7-0) Conference Champions

-Hallsville (6-1)

-Southern Boone (5-2)

-Boonville (4-3)

-Versailles (2-5)

-Osage (2-5)

-Eldon (1-6)

-California (1-6)