Krista Wilson knows what it takes to get football players ready for game day.

Krista Wilson knows what it takes to get football players ready for game day.

As the mom of three Tiger football players, one who is still on the team, she knows that lunch time around noon is a long way from kickoff at 7 p.m. That is why she has helped to coordinate pregame meals for the football team so no player has to perform on an empty stomach.

“We don’t want them to worry and be hungry thinking about their belly being empty while they are out there trying to play football,” said Wilson who is also the high school principal. “That is why we do it because we love the kids and don’t want them to be hungry. We want to give them every chance we can to think about winning on the field rather than being hungry.”

Wilson started taking on this responsibility when her oldest son Kaden, a 2015 Versailles graduate, was on the gridiron for the Tigers. She noted there has been various traditions over the years whether it was feeding the team on Thursday nights, breakfast at Lehman’s Restaurant on Friday mornings or parents hosting the team at their own house. When she has gone around with the signup sheet, Wilson pointed out that finding parents willing to participate has never really been an issue.

“We have lots of parents who make a couple of meals or more and help,” she said, noting that providing for about 50 people including coaches is no small task.

“It is very nice. We have a wonderful community and wonderful parents. They are so willing to help and they all want the kids to succeed and do well. It is really a group effort to take care of these kids. It takes a village to feed the football team because we feed the coaches too and want everybody to eat.”

That goes for Friday nights and Mondays as well when the junior varsity team takes the field. However, Wilson noted that it is not a tradition unique to football as the parents of athletes in other sports have a similar culture.

“We are very blessed with a very giving community,” said Wilson who took some time to commend the efforts of those who have stepped up for the team and opened up their homes.

On the Versailles Tigers Football Facebook page, there have been posts thanking various people who have provided breakfast on Friday mornings including Tony Edgar, Randy Washburn, Fallon Silvers, and Allison and Josh Walters. Speaking of social media, Wilson said it has made her task much easier.

“When I first started we called everyone and got numbers down Now, texting or Facebook messaging is how we do it. You can tell I’ve been doing this for a while going from paper and pencil to social media,” she remarked with a smile.

Win or lose, it seems a Tiger athlete will always have the fuel they need to succeed and a strong supporting cast behind them every step of the way.