The first place trophy of the 37th Annual Eldon Tournament is staying right at home.

The first place trophy of the 37th Annual Eldon Tournament is staying right at home.

The Mustangs defended home court on Saturday finishing the day 4-0-1 and all four wins were taken care of in two sets. 

"Eldon has not won this tournament in a long time and the girls had set this tournament championship as one of their team goals for the season," Eldon coach Melinda Wrye-Washington noted. "They worked hard this past week at some skills they had not been comfortable with and were able to execute on Saturday. It is very easy to work on the things you are already proficient in, but difficult to work on things you are not. I was proud of the girls for accepting the challenge. We had a great team effort as well as a couple of young ladies with standout performances."

Eldon began with a win over Hillcrest (25-16, 25-18) where Caroline Beckmann led the attack with 14 kills and Addie Davis had 20 of the team's 22 assists. Tatum Frank finished with eight digs, Beckmann added seven and both Taylor Henderson and Cassidy Prater put up two blocks.

The Mustangs added to their momentum with a win over Fulton in the next battle (25-12, 25-10). Beckmann led the charge again with 12 kills and three aces, Davis finished with 16 assists and Frank recorded a team-leading six digs. 

Eldon split with Owensville next (21-25, 25-18). Beckmann recorded nine kills and digs, Davis contributed 18 assists and Hayley Henderson added six digs of her own. 

Eldon went on to face Southern Boone and the Mustangs took care of the Eagles (25-20, 25-15). Beckmann had 13 kills, both Davis and Hayley added two aces and Davis also finished with 19 assists. Beckmann added a team-leading 14 digs, Frank finished with 12 and Beckmann also recorded two blocks. 

In the finale with Calvary Lutheran, Eldon took care of business (25-18, 25-17). Beckmann recorded 11 kills, Jade Hall finished with six and Hayley recorded five. Davis and Frank added three aces and Davis also led the way with 21 assists. On the defensive end, both Beckmann and Haley recorded seven digs each while Frank had six. 

"The girls are finally beginning to put things together as they grow physically and mentally in the sport. They still have a long way to go, but had a great team effort over the weekend," Wrye-Washington said. "I was very proud of their attitudes and effort throughout the tournament.

"It was a great day for Eldon volleyball as we also had several Eldon volleyball alumni in attendance."

The Mustangs improve to 12-8-1 on the season and host Tipton on Monday night.