Learn more about new Camdenton boys' golf coach Jason Horne

Jason Horne will begin his first season in charge of the Camdenton boys' golf program while former head coach Shawn Maschino will serve in an assistant role.   Here is what Horne had to say about his new role with the Lakers:   Q: Are there any specific reasons why you were compelled to lead the program at Camdenton and do you have any past ties with the school?   A: It has always been one of my goals and desires to be the head golf coach at Camdenton for many years. I have had the opportunity for the past 12 years to coach as the junior varsity (Assistant Golf Coach). Over the past 12 years, it has been a privilege and an honor to work under Todd Nicklas and Shawn Maschino (two previous head coaches). They have taught me several things about coaching and showed me the rewards of success with great coaching. I love challenges and every year one of the challenges of boys golf is having players who are picking up a club for the first time and competitive seasoned golfers. What is so exciting about the sport of golf, is that it's a sport that anyone can play their entire life. Give them the fundamentals and watch them enjoy the game. What has kept me in the program over the years is seeing the growth the players make over the season and the success that comes with the growth.      Q: Can you briefly summarize your background and what made you want to be a coach in the first place? Is there anything you especially love about golf?   A: I started playing golf when I was in grade school and have enjoyed the sport ever since. The game of golf, quoting from Arnold Palmer, "Golf is a deceptively simple and endlessly complicated, it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening---and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented." Working in the education field, as a teacher and coordinator, coaching is part of the everyday practice. I love coaching teachers, staff, etc. but especially love coaching golf players. The game is so complicated, but also so simple. It's said that golf is 20 percent skill and 80 percent mental. I enjoy working with the players with their mental aspects of the game (overcoming a wayward drive or a chunked iron shot) and watch their skills of hitting a golf ball 300 yards down the center of the fairway or shaping a iron shot to the middle of the green from an impossible rough shot.      Q: Taking over a new program, do you have a philosophy or certain set of expectations for your golfers? At the same time, what does it take to be a good coach and leader of a program?   A: My philosophy or expectations will still be the same from my previous 12 years- that is to see continuous improvement of the game and strive to be the best you can at all times. In the game of golf, it is more than a game, it is a life experience. The game is about integrity as well as skill. There are no officials out on the course making calls, but relying solely on the players to officiate themselves and each other to maintain the integrity of the game. What I have seen in the past and hope for the future is the integrity to not only drive them in the sport of golf, but also in the lives that these young men live each and every day.      Q: Do you have any overall impressions of your new group so far and are there any definite strengths or things to improve at this point in time?   A: What is exciting about this coming year, is the fact that four out of our five varsity players from last year are returning. That will give us a good foundation to continue to build upon this year. There is also some great talent coming up from the lower grade levels that is making the golf program look good in the coming years. The junior varsity team lost four of its six players to graduation last year, but it is always exciting to see new players and to build their games over the golf season.     Q: With a new season just around the corner, are there any specific goals or keys to success?   A: My goal this season for the varsity team is to continue to see improvement and hopefully see the team, if not several players, qualify out of districts and sectionals to make it to state. The junior varsity team had a great season last year by winning several tournaments. Of course I would love to see the same this year but knowing that it will practically be a whole new team, I would like to see them improve their games of golf and compete to be on the varsity team throughout the season. The keys to success in golf are always practice, practice, practice and to have a strong mental mind to make critical decisions throughout the game.