Learn more about new School of the Osage volleyball coach Lori Klaus

School of the Osage has called upon Lori Klaus to serve as the new leader of the volleyball program.

Here is what Klaus had to say about her new role with the Indians:

Q: Are there any specific reasons why you were compelled to lead the program at Osage and do you have any past ties with the school?

A: Osage is my Alma Mater. I went K-12 at School of the Osage, so it is my home. I graduated in 2001. My parents still live here and with three kids we were very excited to be close to family.

Q: Can you briefly summarize your background and what made you want to be a coach in the first place? Is there anything you especially love about your sport?

A: Coaching is something I have always been interested in since I was a little girl. I’ve had so many great phsical education teachers and coaches positively impact my life. I was always playing a sport as a kid and I knew I wanted to live my whole life around being active and teaching kids through sport.

I started my teaching and coaching career at Maryville High School in 2006 where I taught High School PE and was the Head Volleyball Coach and an assistant track/field coach. I spent eight years there (eventually also becoming Head Track/Field Coach for two seasons) and then moved to Oak Grove High School. For the past five years I was teaching high school PE while serving as the Head Vollyball Coach and as an assistant track/field coach at Oak Grove. I will be starting my 14th year as a PE teacher, Head Volleyball Coach and an assistant track/field coach this year at School of the Osage. I’m very excited to be coming back home.

Q: Taking over a new program, do you have a philosophy or certain set of expectations for your players? At the same time, what does it take to be a good coach and leader of a program?

My philosophy for coaching (in short) is hard work, putting your team above yourself, being disciplined in even the smallest of things, being a great teammate, and having fun while we do it. I could go on and on about all of those - but that’s the short version!

Q: Do you have any overall impressions of your new group so far and are there any definite strengths or things to improve at this point in time?

A: Taking over the volleyball program at Osage has been such a smooth transition so far. I have been working with the girls this summer at weights, open gyms and camps. I could not ask for a better group of girls. They work hard and are extremely coachable.

I have a strong group of leaders, the right kind of leaders. The type that set a great example on and off the court and they truly care about each individual on the team. The X’s and O’s will come - but mostly I’m excited about the great kids and staff I am blessed to work with.

Q: With a new season just around the corner, are there any specific goals or keys to success?

A: I’m very excited about the culture we have started this summer throughout the team and I can’t wait to get the season started!